Wise Ways to Manage Money THR

Wise Ways to Manage Money THR

Two weeks before Idul Fitri are the waiting moments for the employees. In addition to looking forward to the day that fitri, there is a provision of the government regarding the company’s obligation to provide money allowance feast that amount is quite tolerable to help meet the needs of the feast that usually increases from the day usually. Although it is a free bonus given by the company, but it would be nice we can maximize the money allowance feast day wisely and not until the allowance money disappeared first before the holiday arrived. Better yet, if we can maximize the allowance money for productive purposes or future investment.

Before we discuss more about the strategy and how to wisely utilize the holiday allowance money, we will first discuss about who is entitled to get THR. There is a very important announcement from the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration set forth on March 8, 2016, that employees with one month’s service are entitled to receive THR. It is stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower no. 6/2016 on Religious Days Allowance (THR) for Workers / Workers in the Company.

Of course this is very encouraging news given that before the release of the regulation the employees can only get THR after three months of service. So for those of you who are new to an employee of a company even though your status is still trial, training or contract, if it has been through one month you work in the company, you are entitled to get THR.

Given the number of cases found that companies do not want to pay THR, now you can be more calm, because THR is obliged to be paid under the above provisions. If the related company does not want to provide the Hari Raya allowance, then the company will be subject to the consequences either in the form of administrative sanctions or fines. As an employee you should have understood very well about the rule because it has been socialized to trade unions or workers, employers’ associations and government. If you have not received the information you are also worthy to question the company in which you work.

For those of you new employees, there may be a question: what is the amount of THR I will receive? This is a common question and sometimes we like to worry about the amount of THR we will receive. Although THR is a gift or wage outside of salary, then there is a special way to calculate the amount of money Allowance Fees. For those of you who have been working for over 1 year, then how to calculate it is very easy and surely you will receive THR equal to 1 month full salary. So, what if you still have a working period under 1 year? Here is the formula:

The amount of Work Period / 12 months X amount of 1 month salary

For example now your position is a new employee 2 months in a company with a salary of Rp 2 million. So the THR calculation is: 2 / 12X2.000.000 = Rp. 333333. So you will get a holiday allowance around Rp. 300 thousands.

The next question after getting THR is how to wisely utilize the Money Allowance Fees? Although the answer to that question is more relative to each other’s personalities, the following strategies will help you if you want to use THR as well as you can.


As the name implies, THR is intended to cover the lack of funds in meeting the needs of the holiday which of course jumped dramatically. Therefore at least you have to prepare spending plans for the purposes of the holiday. This may be very difficult for women to do. Because when you get into the shopping center, they tend to ambition to buy everything. Especially during Lebaran season, many shopping centers are flooded with discounts.

Therefore, prepare the plan in the form of a shopping list. Starting from the Eid holiday you can already prepare what needs to be recorded. Always remember the priority needs and do not want to follow the desire, because with the desire, then you can experience “dry bag” post Lebaran because THR money is up, and even very possible if you are too extravagant you have to cover minus shopping festival. Therefore focus THR money for the purposes of Eid by using it fairly and not too extravagant in shopping.


Thr 2

There is no harm when you still have debt, prioritize THR first to at least lighten your burden. This moment is perfect if you use to reduce the burden of debt because THR money is a fund separate from your budget so far. As a consequence you can not spend more before Lebaran, but you have alleviated the financial condition and this is very profitable.

Thr 3

This third strategy is suitable for you who have good financial condition and already have enough budget for Eid. In addition, to follow this, you also have no obligation or other debt burden. If you are in this category, then you are a very lucky person because you can use the money of Hari Raya allowance for productive purposes. One of the best things you can choose is to start or grow your investment.

There are many options for investing from gold investments, deposits or mutual funds. Even with hundreds of thousands of money, now you can start investing for the future.


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