Why Talk About Finance on Parents Is Important?

Why Talk About Finance on Parents Is Important?

“Experience has always been a good teacher”, this is what can be obtained from our parents who have more experience of life than ourselves. There are many important lessons that can be learned from them, of course, in various useful advice that can be applied in life.

Not just words, these kinds of advice are often lessons that can be remembered all the time. After all, parents always want their children to be on the right track, including when managing finances.

The Importance of Talk About Parents’ Financial Problems

Among the many counsel parents give, advice in managing finances is certainly one of the most frequently delivered. This is very reasonable, given the way a person in managing finances will greatly affect the quality of life that can be achieved.

Finance becomes an important factor in our success. That is why it is very necessary to always have a good ability in managing everything related to it. asuransi pendidikan

Well, talk about finance, which is equally important for us to achieve good finances, then must keep in mind parenting advice about this. Because parents certainly already have a variety of life experiences that we have not gained in accordance with their age.

For that, do not take for granted and do not want to know the advice of parents about finances. Do not be reluctant to keep the messages they tell us as a sign of their love.

What Financial Advice from the Valuable Parent?

Not only after we have grown up, various financial advice we have received since childhood. Parents certainly menydari really how important to inculcate a variety of good habits in managing finances from an early age.

If these good habits have been planted from the beginning, then it will be easier for us to keep them as adults.

Here are some financial advice that we often hear from parents, namely:

1. Budayakan Saving Since Small
The first and most common advice we hear from parents is the saving of good money from childhood. Some parents may tell their children to set aside some of their money and put it in a piggy bank until it can be used to purchase the needs the child wants.

Some other parents even specifically open a savings account for their children, so the child can set aside some of his allowance and periodically deposit it into the account.

Even some children start this savings when they have gone to school. Because some schools already have that facility for their students.

Whatever the way of saving is taught by parents, of course aims to get us put aside some money and store it in such a way as to be used at certain times when needed. This one advice is quite effective and it is important that we do it to adulthood.

2. Investing in Gold
When compared to other instruments, gold remains the most popular investment option for parents. It is also often conveyed to us as his children, so that when having money, should buy gold only.

For parents, investments that really look in sight will be much better and safer. Because gold almost never experienced significant decline in value, while in terms of price tends to continue to increase.

Gold Also easier to obtain and buy, so this investment can be done in an easy and fast process without the need to procrastinate until the money collected a lot.

3. Buying Land
Almost the same as investing in gold, the land is also considered as one of the safe and profitable investments by parents. So they often advise their children to buy land.

This is because the land is considered to have a value that continues to increase and of course very useful in the future. If you have enough funds, then buying land is the most appropriate option.

This advice has been used for a long time. So do not be surprised if our grandparents have a large plot of land, while their lives look very simple.

4. Buy a House, Do not Just Rent
This is quite difficult considering the price of the house is quite expensive, especially if it is in urban areas. But this one advice is very useful, because if you think about it, how long we live from one rent to another rented?