Why NPWP is Important When Applying for Credit to Bank?

Why NPWP is Important When Applying for Credit to Bank?

Maybe you’ve heard of credit application to your colleague’s bank was rejected. Then, what’s the problem? There are many factors, of course, that make credit application to the bank is rejected. One of the simplest but sometimes unconscious, namely the ownership of NPWP (Nomot Principal Taxpayer).

Although the status of the person is clean alias is not included in the category of blacklist in BI checking, but just because it does not have NPWP, still filing a bank loan failed as well. For that purpose, meet all the requirements required for your efforts to apply for credit at the bank there are no obstacles.

Importance of Someone Have NPWP

Maybe some people ask why this NPWP is so important? Yup, the existence of NPWP for everyone, especially those who already have their own income is very important. Because, this is related to a person’s compliance with his obligations to pay taxes.

As a tax-abiding individual, the status can be proven by the ownership of the NPWP at hand. In a way, the existence of NPWP is not unlike the possession of ID cards (identity cards). If you do not have a KTP, then in taking care of everything also will not be able to run smoothly and get what is needed.

Therefore, all the administration in an institution almost always required the existence of such identity. With KTP, then the necessary information about yourself can be known. This is like the NPWP, whose existence is also necessary as a reflection of yourself that you are a good citizen.

One more thing, the obligation of having NPWP and paying taxes has also been regulated in Law No.28 / 2007 Article 39 Paragraph 1, that for Indonesian citizens who do not pay taxes shall be imposed at least 6 months and 6 months at the most. In addition, there is also the application of a fine of at least up to two times for those who have not paid the obligations.

Talk about the importance of NPWP, not only deal with the banking, but must have NPWP as well as a requirement to file various documents required such as the manufacture of passports, and so forth. Especially if you need quick funds from the bank, the requirement must be attached NPWP.

Yes, between ownership of NPWP and banking administration of course very closely related. Because of this as one of the reference also whether as an individual, you can fulfill responsibilities and obligations properly and correctly.

The simplest picture is without having a NPWP, then the bank will also see what your personal figure. If the NPWP does not have one, how does the bank believe in your ability to pay the credit bill later?

In addition, the obligation to attach NPWP is also a form of bank compliance that has been regulated by the government. That is, if the bank passes various affairs with customers who do not have NPWP, then the bank also violates existing rules. Of course, banks also do not want to take risks that could otherwise be avoided.

Any incoming credit request from a prospective customer, all documents and data will surely enter the Credit Analyst credit department first, until your credit will be approved or rejected.

In its task, a Credit Analyst will analyze your loan application from the general terms, special requirements, until the prospect of developing the money will be used for what. In principle, a Credit Analyst has a duty in choosing a prospective customer that would not be inconvenient to the Bank Institution. That is, both parties, banks and prospective customers, both benefit.

Usually the analyst will immediately approve if the funds that the prospective borrower was used for a business that has good prospects. The good prospect here is a well-structured business with clear planning.

Next is the payment. A Credit Analyst also analyzes the potential customer’s payment capability. Prospective customers must be able to pay off smoothly installments every month until paid off.

Well, of all that, the first consideration of Credit Analyst to assess or pass the loan is in terms of completeness of the document. Completeness of this document is none other than KTP, Family Card, NPWP, and others.

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