Why Insurance is Important?

Why Insurance is Important?

The number of bids for the uninsured, sometimes confusing and puzzling. Actually, how important the insurance anyway? Is he just a waste of money? Or really any good?

Insurance benefits have yet to be truly felt before the risk borne befall us. So why do we have to have insurance. And how do we need insurance? Here’s 7 reasons why we should have insurance.
1. Protecting the event is certain – Death
Which was bound to come is death. Ya Dead. He will certainly come, we just do not know when he comes. That’s why we need insurance. Because when we leave this world, do not we want to keep our family happy that we hold dear are abandoned?

Insurance is not a ‘repellent death’ but insurance is not at all ‘cause’ of death. Choose where, when destiny calls, we advance ahead of the family, whether they will suffer and languish? or do we want those we left there was solace and happy even without us? The answer lies in each self. Please answer on their own.
2. Protect against uncertain events – unplanned
When other risk her before the arrival of death comes and we can not do anything else for the happy people who left. The question is, Do we want to leave them happy even though we’ve not been in the world and helpless in nature there?
3. safe and secure along Insurance
Insurance foster a sense of safe and secure. Because of the risks, the risks that may hit already anticipated as possible. Although not as fully as we want, but all was appropriate and listed in the contract that we signed.
4. As an investment instrument, and more disciplined Saving
When wanting proceeds to grow our business investment. Where too many platforms (form) of investment fraud alias bulging investment. And savings in banks have certainly eroded by inflation, and with easy and often we withdraw money from an ATM. Little by Lama, I know it sick no money, because it has run out.

Investing in existing insurance unitlink (in relation to the investment) it, an option that is quite wise. While deposits in banks rarely grow, fill it nor discipline. Always tempted to mengurasnya. So with insurance plus investment, we become (forced or coerced) to discipline. The results will be up to us, would be used for what? Can be used for working capital, buy a dream home, dream car, and also a trip to a desired destination, or beloved family inheritance.
5. To increase business capital
Among the expenditure of money that is consuming the bag, in the sense that very put out a lot of money are: 1) buy a house, 2) buy a car and 3) for working capital. By investing in insurance we can use to increase business capital as well.
6. Useful for Preparing Your Future Plans and Retirement
Among the advantages of insurance primarily related to investment, is very useful for your future help make plans for your future. Mario Teguh menyakinkah that insurance is: ‘a small fortune to buy a big money’. That is to spend a little in order to prevent greater spending, and it is something that is ‘wise’. Which is more profitable to have insurance, hospital costs covered. Or do not have insurance treasures exhausted all medical expenses. That is not enough. Leaving debts here and there. and yet of course we can afford it.
7. May He give you peace and quiet
By having insurance then we will be calm. Hopefully we get some peace and tranquility in life. and this serenity is not important? In menjalanii live day by day, any activity we do will be easier in an optimistic spirit, if our soul is quiet. Hopefully success will be easier is also achieved. Restlessness and anxiety soul will bring harm to our health.

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