Why Education in Indonesia lags with Foreign Affairs

Why Education in Indonesia lags with Foreign Affairs

The level of education of each country is different. It all influenced the level of a country’s economic progress. Developing countries and developed countries have a level of progress that is very much different. Developing countries such as Indonesia quality is far different from the developed countries in Europe.


Even for Asia only for the quality of education of our country is still quite disappointing. Not enough of it, even with neighboring countries only we could lose much with Singapore and Malaysia. In the past those who do a lot of comparative study of education in our country, we turn now widely adopted the educational system which they apply. Many Indonesian students studying in neighboring countries. That’s because they consider the schools in the neighboring country a better quality of education.


Arguably they are more interest to study in another country
Indonesia’s lagging education because a lot of that could be the cause. Education in Indonesia is still using teaching methods which are less effective if we compare it with other countries. Lessons run abroad more emphasize educational preparation that really takes the appropriate changes. In terms of our education technology also includes late masuknya.Lain case with developed countries that have applied quite sophisticated. In terms of teaching quality is certainly different from the developed countries.


Therefore, it needs to work fast our country to equalize the quality of our education with other countries. Required a special regulation to improve the quality of education which is that we do not miss the other countries. Existing quality improvement can be done came from improvements in the quality of the teacher. The more qualified a teacher that there will be quality teaching pattern also applied for the sake of a better education.


Other supporting that of the existing infrastructure must be up to date in accordance with the development of education in developed countries. For the advancement of education in Indonesia should be immediately repaired everything that needed to be fixed.


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