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When Children Shy at a new school

Every year, we certainly will find new proteges. Among the students, there must be brave, and some are shy. There was a shy boy who did not want to go to class if not ditemeni parents, and there is also a shy boy who did not want to talk in class and do not want active in the classroom.
How to deal with a child like this? How to foster self-confidence to the children so that would be a brave boy like her other friends?

To discuss this, I will give an example of one of the cases ever faced by Lady Annisa Kurniati. He is a lecturer at the University of Karimun, Lady Annisa never faced a case where one of his new students do not want to go to class when no Mama at his side.
In the face of this case, Mother Annisa have a principle not to allow children ditemeni parents in the classroom, on the grounds that children can learn to be independent. In addition, Mother Annisa also do not want to hurt the child, which would lead to hurt feelings or resentment in the child’s self. Then Mother Annisa also has its own tricks to be able to separate the Mama with her students. The trick was in dire need of patience and perseverance, because the process is not instant but tends slowly. Mother Annisa done is to ask parents to accompany students into the classroom and sat down next to the boy on the first day. The aim is that children can adapt in advance with the situation in the classroom, new friends, and of course the new teachers. On the second day, the parents keep the distance with the child. From day to day, the distance between children and parents increasingly menjaduh.
This is done so that the child can be more familiar with his friends and to be more independent in doing something, without hurting the feelings of the child. A few days later, the parents were outside but positioned near a window class, so that children can still see the Mama faithful waiting. In the process of these away, occasionally a child will definitely be facing backwards and trying to find the whereabouts of his Mama.

And when students stared at Mama, parents should praise the child or simply give a thumbs up to the child. Oh yes, Mother Annisa also provides a kind of poetry to their students that they are new, the contents of which are prayer and motivation to the child not to be too dependent on her Mama. Thus his poetry,

Mother was always there with me though was at home, not beside the mother accompanied by do’anya and I was safe and comfortable with the teachers and my friends because they also love me.

Well after the child has been accustomed to sit alone, then the rule that parents should only be applied to the waiting area.

Sometimes we may face parents who do not understand the importance of learning in the classroom without parental presence. Parents are usually trying devoted affection to their children, and their children do not want to be sad when left out in the classroom. It is not recommended in Early Childhood Education.
Because no matter how the child should be trained to be able to live independently. And these lessons will be very good when applied in schools. To prevent that, the communication between parents and teachers is very important. If necessary, at the beginning of the lesson, the school held a seminar intended for parents and teachers.
The seminars are usually held at the beginning of the school year and contains the introduction of school. At the seminar will discuss everything related to the school, one school rules banning for parents into the classroom when teaching and learning takes place. Some other things that I need to add in the process of separating students from parents expressed by Lady Annisa is:

1. Knowing the cause
To determine the cause of the child’s fear and shame, is to encourage children to vent. The main cause of shy children in the classroom are usually two. That is because his son had a shy nature, and could also be due to not feel at home. Children become not violence usually occurs because they are forced by their parents, and parents are less able to provide information to the children about how wonderful the atmosphere in the classroom. This causes the child-minded no-no. When dealing with children who are shy, usually handling longer, because it is more constructive character of the child, but if this was due to misperceptions about the child’s actual class atmosphere, we need to emphasize is more on changing the perception of the child. However, handling almost the same way, but the period of recovery would be longer and more intense character shy child.

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