What to Do when Items Lost in Airplane Baggage?

What to Do when Items Lost in Airplane Baggage?

Are you experiencing baggage loss in the plane luggage? It must be very upset. Because in addition to annoying, will also take a lot of time to adjust. Not to mention if the goods are very important and its very urgent to use.

However, do not worry, you can still find the lost items easily. This is guaranteed by Regulation of the Minister of Communications No.77 / 2011 which explains that the responsibility of air transport carriers concerning compensation that can be obtained passengers when damaged and lost luggage in the trunk of the plane.

If you experience this, no need to panic. Do the following to re-locate your lost items in the trunk of a plane:

1. Make sure the Place of Lost your Luggage

The first thing you can do is make sure first where exactly the item is lost. You can immediately find information on Lost and Found service or lost information service available at the airport.

In the service, you can create a report about the loss of goods, then get certainty about searching for your goods. But if the case of losing your stuff does not happen at the airport, then you should be prepared to undergo a more elaborate and lengthy search process.

2. Make a Report on the Loss of Goods

Next, make a report about the loss of your luggage. When you make a claim for loss of goods in the airport security section, usually the airport will ask you to make a missing certificate in the Police Office. So there is no harm to prepare the letter in the police, maximum 24 hours after the loss event.

If you feel confused when filing a complaint report, get to the airport police for help. Reports of this loss can also be submitted to the airline.

When creating a loss report, write down details about the time of departure, flight, and more. Do not forget to bring your identity along with a boarding pass that can be a strong proof of your loss report.

3. You Must Remember Every Details of the Default Goods

You should also remember details of any lost luggage. The more detail you write about the lost item report, the easier it will be to search.

Draw your lost luggage, ranging from size, color, design, and more. If you have photos of the missing items, it would be better if attached to the lost item report.

4. Keep Track of Your Good Search Information

After that, you just keep monitoring the information related to the search of goods carried out. If within 3 days you have not get certainty, then immediately do the tracking by contacting the airport baggage service or directly go to the official office of the airline.

Item will be declared missing if not found within 3 weeks. However, based on the existing law in Indonesia states if the goods are called lost if it has passed from the limit of 14 days. And if it exceeds that time, passengers are entitled to compensation from the airline. This is already regulated in Article 5 paragraph 3 Permenhub No.77 / 2011.

5. You Can Claim a Claim

If your item is not found and there is no temunya point, you should make a claim of loss to the airline. Each airline usually has its own procedures and conditions regarding claims for loss of goods. But what needs to be understood is about the law in Indonesia that regulates these conditions.

According to Article 5 paragraph 1 in Permenhub No.77 / 2011 which regulates Airborne Transporter Responsibility, explains there is compensation for the loss of goods experienced by passengers.

Losing the contents as well as the whole of the baggage will get a compensation of at least Rp200.000 for 1 kilogram and maximum Rp4.000.000 per passenger. If the goods are damaged, it will be given compensation fee according to the type, shape, size, and brand of the lost item.

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