What the insurance policy?

What the insurance policy?

The insurance policy is an insurance contract or coverage that is consensual (ie the existence of an agreement), the agreement must be in writing in a deed between the parties to the agreement. In a written deed is called as a policy. So it is the policy that is evidence of the insurance agreement is in writing, is what is meant by the policy.

The benefits derived from health insurance is the cost that has to do with health such as: doctors’ fees, cost of drugs, hospitalization costs and the cost of outpatient care, will be paid by the insurance company and a major benefit that soul adapted to the contents of the insurance information previously once in informed at the time the agreement is written or stated in the policy.

The definition of insurance from the point of the financial and social

The definition of insurance from the point financially is a useful tool to reduce the risks associated with the economy, by combining the units are exposed to the risk of a similar or identical, in large quantities so that the probability losses can be predicted and if losses are predicted to occur, then will be shared proportionately by all parties belonging itu.Sedangkan from the point of social insurance can be interpreted as a social organization that accepts risk transfer and collect funds from its members to pay for losses that may occur on each – each member, and each loss aggota in joint responsibility.

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