What are the Deposit Advantages and Disadvantages? This is the explanation

What are the Deposit Advantages and Disadvantages? This is the explanation

Deposits are a different bank facility with savings or debits that can be used by many people. However, certainly not everyone knows and understands well what is the deposit, including the advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, understand well the advantages and disadvantages of placing funds in deposits to support your financial management. Then, what is a deposit?

Deposits are deposits in banks that deposit and withdrawal can only be done within a certain time. Unlike savings that you can pull free at any time and at will to attract nominal.

Deposits themselves have several types, there are time deposits and then there is on call deposits or deposits that have only a short time and certificates of deposits with futures of one year or less.

Of each type, deposits are only distinguished by the time period and facilities in the collection and deposit. Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of deposits?

1. Deposit Advantages

If there is a shortage, then there will be an advantage. As with deposits, there are also a number of advantages, including:

Security Guaranteed

When you save money at home, of course with a lot of harm, including your safety due to crime or robbery. But what about saving in the bank?

Of course it’s very doable. One of them by utilizing deposit facilities. Similarly, such as saving where his security is guaranteed by LPS (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan).

So, do not worry if things happen that are not desired, then your money protected by security. Let’s say bankrupt banks, then your deposits remain safe because it is guaranteed LPS with the nominal batas that have been determined.

Low Risk

For those of you who do not want to be exposed to reckless risks, then deposits are the right choice, compared to putting money in the stock market whose price will keep changing.

In stocks, the worry because the risk of losing outweighs the placement of funds in other instruments. Then, bagimana with deposit risk? of course it will be safe because it is not affected by the movement of the market and the management system that has been set by the parties and and does not change at any time.

Revenue per Tenor

Revenue per tenor is the profit of subsequent deposits. Where you are quite kesulita take money if the time does not fit. However, profits can be made by way of depositing or transferring back into your account.

So the owner of the deposit has a fixed income of such interest every tenor. It is like you give capital to other people who are business, then you just live enjoy the results.

2. Deposit loss

If previously discussed about the advantages of placement of funds in deposits, the following losses that could arise in deposits, including:

You’re Not Involved
In the deposit, you as the owner of the funds are not involved in the management of these funds. It could be a huge advantage and also abundant. But because there are banks that manage it, so you just enjoy the clean it.

That is, you do not get overall profit because you have to pay taxes and bank management fees on your deposits. Different for the type of mutual fund or stock that can get you involved in the management.

Undermined Inflation

We all know, the value of money from day to day continues to decline. And you face the name of the price of goods or basic needs are increasingly expensive. Then, money is the same value as before, but today or the day the value is less to be able to buy goods.

All that is called inflation, where the value of money decreases even low. Thus, interest from deposits is actually to cover the value of the deficiency. Unfortunately this makes your deposit income is not great.

Fairly Low Profits

Deposits are a safe investment, but return to the principle of investment where the higher the value obtained, the higher the results obtained also in line with the risks are also large.

However, since deposits are low risk investments, they will not be any bigger than stock investments and properties that can double your investment fund. So do not expect much on deposits for profit issues especially if you want to manage your investment funds to generate multiple returns. asuransi pendidikan anak