Want to Save and Lucky Online ‘Shopping’ During Ramadan? Here’s how

Want to Save and Lucky Online ‘Shopping’ During Ramadan? Here’s how

There are many things that are usually always prepared during Ramadan to meet the needs of Eid al-Fitr. Naturally, considering in this moment of Lebaran it seems no one who celebrates to spend togetherness with their extended family. asuransi pendidikan anak

His name also once a year, it’s not afdal when this moment is missed. So, almost everyone who celebrates Lebaran can be sure shopping a wide range of dishes to clothes and accessories.

Everything looks new. New clothes, new shoes, new sandals, new accessories, new bags, and more. Although not mandatory, however, this fact has become a tradition down desert.

Because everything seems to be completely new, no wonder if spending once a year this also makes a sudden expenditure swollen. Understandably, the frequent shopping is not only for personal use alias personally, but also other big family.

Not to mention, if it turns out to have many younger siblings or nephews, each of which seems to have become a necessity given a prize at the time of Lebaran as an eye sign or appreciation of the success of fasting. This feels increasingly mandatory only if it turns out this Lebaran celebration must go home to the hometown.

Can imagine how they hope, the beloved big family waiting for us with souvenirs we bring once a year to enliven the victory after a full month of fasting.

Well, of course we must be very clever to manage the money that will be spent to meet the needs of Ramadan and preparation for the Lebaran. How?

Not there is no way to be more efficient and even profit when shopping online for the needs of the fasting month and Eid. The trick is easy, ie you simply take advantage of existing facilities on credit cards.

Then, what credit cards can you use for online shopping in this month of Ramadan? Here are some credit cards that could be an option to help you save money, even profitable and can spend every day, including:

1. Save HSBC Credit Card

Unmitigated, you can shop online sparingly every day, Monday through Friday, with different promos using HSBC Gold Card to meet the needs during Ramadan and Lebaran preparations. Starting from shoes, gadgets, watches, home appliances, clothes, accessories, consumer products, and more.

2. Save Bank Mega Credit Card

You can also use Mega Gold Card from Bank Mega for all transactions in all Carrefour and Transmart outlets, as well as various clothing and accessories products at Metro Department Store.

You can enjoy the benefits of frugal shopping with Bank Mega credit cards, such as:

So, throw away the assumption that having a credit card is harmful, because it can be more profitable. If you do not have a credit card, immediately submit a credit card in accordance with your choices and needs in cermati.com. Shopping with credit cards, sparing at once fun, is not it?