Want to Open an Offline Store But Small Capital? Try these 5 tips

Want to Open an Offline Store But Small Capital? Try these 5 tips

Today, online businesses are increasingly mushrooming. This is because of the ease and effectiveness offered by the business. People are getting curious and interested in following the trend of online business that is on the rise.

Now, when the online business they are involved in is growing, it is even said to be quite successful, surely online business people crave to have a conventional or offline store.

With this real store, they can have a place to increase business scale by creating more, in addition to the virtual world or the internet. If there is an offline store, customers will become more trustworthy and loyal to your business.

Having a personal business will be very enjoyable if you live wholeheartedly and according to your hobby, as well as trading. In an age that is completely online, it really makes it easy for people to shop, without having to leave the house, traffic on the streets, and so on.

But make no mistake, offline stores are also needed to support your business. Not a few online traders misuse buyer trust and deceive consumers, while buyers don’t know where to complain.

This is what makes many people feel lazy online shopping on stalls that do not have offline stores. If you have an offline store, it will be much easier for you to run an online business too.

Automatic buyers will be more confident, calm, and feel safe when they want to shop at your stall, because they know where the physical store is located. So this will also make you more profitable and easy to get customers and increase turnover.

For those of you who are now doing business online and want to open a conventional store for a small fee, let’s see the tips below:

1. Offer a Profit Sharing System

The first way that can be done to open a conventional shop at an affordable cost is to share a place with other owners who provide rent to work with you. The offer is profit sharing system. Here you must be able to convince them by explaining the opportunities and benefits of your business, so that they are interested in joining you.

2. Share Business Places

It is very good if you have a friend or relative of business and have an offline shop at a location. You can share a place. Or work with other entrepreneurs who want to rent a location in the same place, but lack of capital.

However, it is better to work together to share this place of business not in the same business. So sell different items to avoid future trade conflicts. Another benefit, you can exchange ideas, experiences, and talk about business benefits with them. Sharing a business place will ease your rental costs every month.

3. Open in the Modern Market

If you are interested in opening a conventional shop in a mall or a large shopping center, but the funds are stuck, it’s better to think again. Try other alternatives by opening a shop in a modern market that is not less prestigious than in the mall.

Even in modern markets, visitors are quite a lot. From the lower classes to the upper classes, so your business opportunities will become wider. Actually, all depends on how smart you offer goods or services that are sold to attract customers and ultimately loyal.

4. Find a Lonely Mall

Even if you still want to open a conventional shop in a mall, in order to get a cheap price, you can choose a quiet mall. Why is it really quiet? Does it sell well? Well, this is certainly because the rental costs offered are lower than large malls or malls that are crowded with visitors.

Now this is what needs to be considered, before deciding to open an offline store in a small and quiet mall, you must be very sure that your business is well known and trusted in cyberspace.

So even if visitors are not crowded, but you already have loyal customers who are ready at any time to visit your store because they will be more comfortable in choosing the desired item.

5. Find a Business Place that Is Not Strategic

This method is actually quite risky to do, considering the location is very important to open an offline store. But if you want to get a low price, it is indeed in a non-strategic location. Therefore, make sure that your online business has a big name in cyberspace and has a large number of customers.