Want to Be a Reseller or Drop Shipper? Learn This First

Want to Be a Reseller or Drop Shipper? Learn This First

For those of you who like to shop online, surely already familiar with the term reseller and drop shipper. Maybe some of you think that both terms are selling online.

Resellers and drop shipers are often used for online shopping transactions. However, these two terms have different meanings. Each has a different function, but a reseller or drop shipper, both are profitable.

Typically, resellers and drop shipper is reserved for anyone who wants to start an online business, without having to complicate. The required capital is also not too large.

Products are used as a reseller or drop shipper is generally a product of fashion, food, medicine, and others. Terms to be a resller or drop shipper is also not difficult.

Then, What’s the Difference between Reseller and Drop Shipper?

To know the difference, of course we must see from the definition first. Well, resellers are people reselling products from the supplier to the consumer. asuransi pendidikan

This reseller is not part of the supplier. To become a reseller, you have to spend your own capital, and buy the product directly to the supplier. And you, as a reseller, have to stack goods first.

Meanwhile, drop shipper is a person who sells a product from a supplier, but does not stack goods first. Dropshipper only sells to consumers by showing product images.

If there are potential buyers who order, then drop shipper will forward orders to suppliers. Items ordered will be shipped by the supplier, on behalf of drop shipper.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Resellers?

Being a reseller, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of being a reseller is that we can stack goods first. As a reseller, we can also know the quality of the products we sell directly.

In addition, the benefits can also be maximized, and can be determined by the reseller itself. The supplier usually gives a discount for the reseller to resell the product.

Disadvantages of resellers is having to spend their own capital is usually large enough, to buy goods from suppliers to be sold. If the goods have a quality that is less than the maximum, the reseller will be responsible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drop Shipper?

By being a drop shipper, then we do not have to bother stomping goods first. That is, to start this online business, you do not need capital first.

In addition, the profit drop shipper is you can sell goods from several suppliers. The job of a drop shipper is only to be maximized in marketing related products only.

The lack of hyper drops is directly related to complaints from customers. If the product is not good enough quality, then the consumer will blame you as a seller. The advantage of drop shipper is also still less than the reseller.

Your choice will fall on the reseller business or drop shipper, it depends on your wishes of course. Because it is quite clear how the work of both online business. If you want to start a business that is quite easy from the supplier only, then you can choose to become a reseller.

But if you do not want to be bothered with various items in your place, you should choose to be a drop shipper only. Enough with the various images of promoted products, you can take advantage, right?