Understanding Religious Education

Understanding Religious Education

Indonesia is a country that is based divinity mighty one, that’s the sound of the first principle of Pancasila, which is one of the pillars of the nationality of our country that is why religious education is one of the most important education. As one of the foundations of statehood, the concept of God is very important to understand by all the people of Indonesia. The first principle shows that the Indonesian people’s lives must always be based on the norms and values ​​prevailing in the religion embraced by its citizens. To understand the values ​​and norms of the religion can not just come instantly, but must go through a learning process. Therefore, religious instruction is one of the compulsory subjects in schools, ranging from elementary school, junior high school, up to the university level.

Understanding Religious Education

Understanding of religious education has been stipulated in Government Regulation No. 55 of 2007 (PP 55 of 2007), which states that religious education is a process of education and providing knowledge, shaping the personality, attitudes, and skills of the students in the practice of norms, values, as well as religion. Religious education is at least implemented through subjects or courses in all departments, all levels, as well as all kinds of religious pendidikan.pendidikan
So the Indonesian government has confirmed that religious education is to be held at least through the subjects at all levels and departments. This is done in order to create a society that is in accordance with the foundation of our country, ie all of the activities and attitudes of Indonesian citizens based on the basis of one supreme divinity, by practicing all the teachings of their religion.

Benefits of Religious Education

Religious education has been required government would have substantial benefits for all citizens of Indonesia. Even though it is not required was seemingly religious education will continue to reverberate throughout the country, due to the religious education will create a generation of people who are not just smart in science, but also smart on the spiritual side.
The main perceived benefits of their religious education is the creation of human beings who have a strong spiritual foundation in accordance religion. On the basis of this religious man will always have limitations in doing, can distinguish between what is good and what is bad. This is in line with the foundation of our country, which is based on supreme divinity Esa.

Another benefit of religious education is the creation of human beings is good, because it was religiously always taught good values ​​that should always be applied in everyday life. Humans who have good character is a very important foundation for the creation of a community and country fair and prosperous. Because if human beings have intelligence without coupled with kindness, then he will justify any means to achieve his goal. Just look at the recent cases that struck the leaders in our country. Rampant corruption of village heads, district, regents, governors, even to the minister. That will happen when humans were created only humans clever without coupled virtue stuck firmly in their hearts.

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