Type and Role of Insurance

Type and Role of Insurance

In Basically type of insurance is divided into four sections, namely:

Jiwa (Life Insurance)
Losses (General Insurance)
Health (Health Insurance)
Retirement (Retirement Funds)
In its management, in Indonesia all four types of insurance was divided into 2 groups:

The life insurance company, manages:

Life insurance
Health Insurance
pension insurance
General insurance company, managing

Health Insurance
Meanwhile Role of Insurance grouped into two groups earlier, as follows:

1. Role of Life Insurance

For Family Protection (Protection in Family Income, the Adjustment Fund, Dana Bleaching / Fees End.
Saving (Retirement Fund and Education Fund)
Business Tools (Credit Protection, Mortgage Protection, Key-Person, Business Continuity / Going Concern, and Employee Benefits.
When a breadwinner dies or defects predestined, the needs and welfare of his family will be less secure.

By becoming a participant insurance, especially Takaful is expected at the time of risk, return on investment of insurance benefits can replace income or as a adjustment fund for the family, so that the needs and welfare of their families will be assured Inshallah.

2. Role of Insurance

Protection of Fire (house / building and its contents.)
Protection from Loss (Theft treasures in the house / building, motor vehicle theft, theft of money, and theft)
Protection from damage (Cars, motorcycles, home / building, a business unit, ships and aircraft.)
Protection of Transportation (Money and Goods)
In the event of a disaster or a catastrophe, then an object will lose functionality and usefulness, and man as the user will experience a loss or lose the benefits of the object.

By becoming a participant insurance, Takaful Indonesia in particular, is expected at the time the risk of the participants will get a replacement in accordance with the goods / insured, so as users, participants regain the function of the usefulness of the goods / object

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