Tricks to Manage Finance

Tricks to Manage Finance

Payday arrives! Several days passed, all needs can still be fulfilled. Life is still calm. But in the middle of the month, how come your money is gone? You begin to get confused to find ways to meet the needs of the next days.

The condition of “salary just passing through” like this is often experienced by many people, maybe some of you also have experienced it. If this is not resolved soon, you can forever experience the cycle every month. If this goes on, when are you nabungnya dong? For that, you should start implementing these 5 things in setting monthly salary. That way, your income can be well allocated. Let’s listen!

1. Separate payroll and savings accounts
The first thing you can do is open another savings account that is different from the payroll account used by the company. It aims to let you directly separate cash flow between expenditure and savings.

To make it easier, specify the amount of money you want to save each month, and immediately move the money in the salary account with a nominal value that has been determined into a savings account. Then do an expenditure budget based on the money left in the payroll account. This will make you more disciplined not to tamper with the savings account for the daily needs budget.

2. Record all income and expenses
Maybe you’ve heard this often in financial advice. But try asking yourself again, have you run it? By keeping track of all your income and expenses, you’ll find it easier to analyze what goes in and out of your budget, then assess your own financial condition. Are you healthy enough or not?

For this step, you can use conventional means such as using Microsoft Excel for recording, or downloading financial regulator apps. Write down all income starting from your regular monthly salary, commission, or other incremental income. Then record expenses for daily needs, savings, investments, donations, entertainment, shopping, and more. Want an easier way again?

Use the Kredivo app as your payment method when you shop online. Not only does it give you the ease to buy things with mortgages without credit cards, but all your transactions will also be recorded on the bill. So you no longer need to make or collect records of transactions to evaluate the financial condition of some periods back. asuransi pendidikan

3. Create a priority scale

Needs and desires are two different things. However, in today’s urban life, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine what is really needed or just simply desirable. There are still many people who get caught up with their desires and just miss the need. For example, like hanging out in a cafe, because it’s hard to refuse a friend’s invitation, inevitably you almost every day to follow their lifestyle. Finally your salary runs out first in the middle of the month and is forced to consume instant noodles until next month’s payday arrives.

To avoid this, you can re-analyze the expenditure budget that has been recorded on a regular basis. Look again, where expenditures are important and not important. Unnecessary spending is usually triggered by emotional influences. From now on, Make a priority scale when determining your spending budget. If the post needs have been met completely, then move to the post desires to use the remaining income.

4. Use spending strategies
Once you have listed your income & expenditure as well as the priority scale and determine which needs are the desires, then you can create a strategy. Determine which expenses are causing your salary to run out quickly. For example the cause is because eating in the restaurant every week, then you can reduce the intensity of going to the restaurant into two weeks.

If the cause is online shopping, then you can start comparing prices on the price comparison sites and find the best deals. Even with saving expenses only Rp 10 thousand – Rp 20 thousand every day, you can provide significant changes every month, you know.

5. Use credit facilities
Some of us may have been confronted with conditions that require urgent funds. Suppose you work as a graphic designer and lose a laptop. In that situation, you have no choice but to buy a new laptop to support the job. This will certainly disrupt your finances, especially if the items purchased require a large budget as in the story above.