Tricks Saving Savings For The Underpaid Under Rp2 Millions

Tricks Saving Savings For The Underpaid Under Rp2 Millions

Having a small salary sometimes makes a person unable to set aside his income for savings. So that income is always exhausted not left in every month. Of course this should not be left alone. Saving is an important thing that can stabilize your financial condition, can even help when impromptu expenditures occur.

For a salary under Rp2 million though, you can still set aside income for savings as long as knowing the tricks of sniper. Here are some tricks to save savings that have income around or below Rp2 million.

1. Create 2 Savings Accounts or More

For those who have difficulty in managing finances with nominal small salary, then this way will be very effective to do. make 2 or more savings accounts from different banks. Choose an account that has no deductions as a salary store and do not make an ATM, so it will keep you from the temptation to be able to take money at any time.

While other accounts are used as monthly money for daily needs. You can not use the funds in a savings account for everyday needs. That way, it will be effective to enable you to manage your finances to be more efficient and save money.

2. Adjust Budget Tightly

Spending is usually due to uncontrolled monthly expenses. For that, try to set a tight expenditure budget. Do this before your payday, so you have enough time to do the best calculations, considerations, and budgeting for your finances. Arrange the budget tightly, so the priority needs can be fulfilled everything. Avoid spending money on non-essential things that can waste your expenses.

3. Set Personal Targets

Not only set the budget, but also need to set a personal target. Set nominal money to be stored and used as daily needs every month. The nominal amount can be determined on the basis of income received each month. But better is not to use up to 30-50% of income for the needs of each month.

4. Place Emergency Fund from Beginning

To make it easier you should immediately put the emergency fund in the beginning so that later there is no other reason to disrupt the funds owned savings. By putting it off from scratch, it will also make it easier for you to have an emergency fund because of the unused salary at all. This emergency fund is an important thing to note because it will have a big effect when there is a sudden outflow.

5. Trying to Save Every Day

In addition to the monthly savings, you can try to save on day-to-day expenses. Although the daily, but if the nominal is large then it will make the amount of savings increased. So try to save on daily expenses, ranging from switching to a cheap public vehicle, bring lunch to the office, and others. This daily saving activity can make the savings value bigger than you think.

6. Small-Small Investment

You can try to make small investments as a savings in the future. Currently there are so many types of small capital investments that can be done. One of them is gold investment, this is because the gold price is quite stable and many ways of investment that can be done. Can even buy it by installments so suitable for those who have a mediocre salary.

7. Think of Not Using Credit Cards

Not only reduce the use of ATM cards, but think again if you want to use a credit card. If it is more disadvantage compared to its benefits, it would be better not to use a credit card. Instead of having to pile up debt later in the day, it would be better to refuse.

Apply a Lifestyle Save
Paying small and large, it is important to apply a life-saving lifestyle in everyday life. A life-saving lifestyle will not only save you money, but also create a stable financial condition which will positively affect the survival of old age. asuransi pendidikan