Transit at Changi Airport? You Can Enjoy This Free Facility

Transit at Changi Airport? You Can Enjoy This Free Facility

When traveling to a city or country far enough, transit time is often a boring moment. A long wait is an unpleasant job, including when transiting at the airport.

Maybe you will also think so, especially when you are at an airport that is less interesting and looks very ordinary. You will not be challenged to explore it or even just around it. asuransi pendidikan

However, if it turns out the airport that you singgahi it has a variety of fun facilities, then certainly transit is no longer a boring thing.

Call it Changi Airport, Singapore. At the airport it turns out to have sufficient facilities for airplane passengers from various directions. Not just interesting and make your transit atmosphere to be different, these facilities can be enjoyed even for free lho.

With these various facilities, then the transit time no longer feels boring because it can spend time with a variety of interesting and different activities. So do not just spend your transit time sitting around and getting sleepy!

Because at Changi Airport, you will be pampered with a variety of facilities that are quite adequate. And the important thing is free. So no need to spend more just to spend transit time. Fun is not it?

1. Free Reflection Facility

After the flight then have to transit first to continue the next flight would be draining. The body feels tired as if not energized. Well, if you’re transiting in Changi, can take advantage of free reflection facility.

Even the number of free reflection seats quite a lot, so you do not need long queuing or in a hurry because it must alternate with others who want the facility.

2. Play Exciting Games

If you want other interesting activities in transit, Changi Airport also has Entertainment Deck. This is the game arena for you true gamers.

This place is equipped with complete play facilities games, so you are free to play as much as possible while waiting for the departure of the aircraft continued. You can play alone or together with friends.

Not just one, at this location you will also find an MTV booth, where you will be spoiled with music of your choice. Well, guaranteed you will not be bored to spend transit waiting time, is not it? But remember, do not let kesusan yes, because it can miss the plane.

3. Watching at the Cinema

Watching is probably something you often do when filling holiday weekend with family or friends. But this time, at Changi airport you can still watch in special cinema, though not as big as commercial bisokop room in general.

You can wait for transit time while watching if you really are a movie buff. What’s more, you do not need to spend money just to watch at this airport theater.

This movie theater is in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. You can watch in the mini movie theater with selected movies from Fox Movie Premium. Certainly, their movie collection certainly makes your transit waiting time much more fun than usual.

4. Spoil the Eyes at the Butterfly Garden

Are you a lover of animals? If yes, Changi Airport provides a different view than any other airport. Because you can take the time to visit the butterfly captivity in transit here.

Butterfly captivity is designed in such a way as to provide a view of the park filled with a natural-looking butterfly. Different types of butterflies are planted in the same, so you can see freely.

This park is made in such a way as to approach the original habitat. So you’ll forget that the unique location is at an airport. When else can you wait for transit time at the airport in a fun way like this?

5. Making Artwork

For those of you who have an interest in art, Changi Airport also has unique facilities that are worth a try. You can enjoy your transit break time differently at Interactive Art Station within this airport.