Tips to manage earnings

Tips to manage earnings

Who can deny if payday is one of the nicest in the world dates? Every 1st or 25th arrived it felt all tired and exhausted work evaporates into the air. Marking the entry of payroll into account the freedom to buy goods that have been coveted for so long. But like other life cycle, the joy of a new salary could suddenly change instantly if not careful in spending it.

“Puff! Suddenly paychecks that floated away. ”

Are you one of the victims who often ran out of money before payday arrives? Often confused your money runs out anywhere? If you feel fall into this category, frugal shopping tips from Sepulsa Hipwee and is suitable for you to try.

1. Each payday arrived, a faint desire to make a shopping list of requirements you have to pay in advance. You will be aware: your money was not as much as people think

One of the reasons we often go crazy shopping is because we feel has a lot of money that can be used in the account. The psychological effects of post payday made us feel so “the rich” – because the account is fully charged after previously empty. The impact of this feeling was not kidding: you can make impulsive order goods from the online shop, swipe here and there on the mall because it was a lot of money.

“Everything eventually led to the tragedy of the thin sac prematurely.”

Asuransi pendidikan

In order desire impulsive spending no longer come, make it a habit to pay any charges in advance. After the salary is transferred to your account, immediately separate the amount of money for routine needs. Pay boarding, meals a month, pay installment motorcycle or car, up to the cost of credit to buy – separate this money from existing accounts.

Calculate all expenses in detail and detailed, so that money left in your account could indeed be used to meet the shopping desires. Apply in this way will make you realize that your money was not as much as expected. If the money has been limited, certainly think twice dong for impulsive shopping?

2. For routine needs that can not be avoided, try to find a smarter way so that your spending could actually be beneficial

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In everyday life there are some needs that can not be avoided. Shopping pulse, groceries and toiletries, to buy the equipment you need regular exercise, for example.

For expenses that can not be avoided this kind of good you chose jelly shopping place that not only offers the lowest price, but also provides many advantages. Well, for the affairs of buy-buy decent pulsa- Sepulsa you try.

In Sepulsa you can buy credits for your cell phone, at low prices while getting a lot of interesting bonuses. Every credit purchase you can choose three (3) discounted gift certificates that can be used at more attractive merchant.

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All Discount Voucher that you can be free of charge, simply by purchasing a pulses via Sepulsa. In addition to secured transactions, in Sepulsa you also need to pay only a nominal amount of credit you need – no additional fee.

“Inexpensive, safe, bonuses offered too much – seemed to buy credit for free. Any less fun, right? ”

3. Set the date so sacred personal shopping day. In addition to the date, only money for trivial needs may be out of your wallet

Set a date that is so sacred day of your spending via

Treat moment as the day shopping with a girlfriend LDR meeting to be prepared as possible. Ammunition must be ready from long ago: from a grocery list, read reviews from various sources so that no one chose the product, to survey a store that offers the lowest price.

In order for your shopping process more effective, also set the date so the date of the monthly expenditure. On that day you’re free monthly expenditures for routine needs and may also purchase items with money left craving. Make an unwritten law if any forgotten items purchased on that day that cost over 100 thousand, then you have to survive without it throughout the month.

This way your money will be safe from sudden expenses. This strategy can also keep you from visiting less important to the mini market makes often tempted to buy goods that are less necessary.

4. journeyed shopping when your stomach full. If not stronger faith, do not be too daring pushing trolley in the hallway full of tempting items

Arose when the stomach is full, and do not dare to take the trolley via

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota showed that those who go shopping on an empty stomach tend to be more impulsive in determining the selection of groceries. Hunger it could turn into a desire to take on whatever is in front of the eye.

In order for the “accident” because of too much shopping did not happen to you, make sure your stomach is already filled before heading off to the store subscription. A full belly will help you think more clearly in deciding which items you really need and which ones are not.

In addition, if you are aware of your heart is not tested sufficiently constancy do not ever let yourself shopping with a trolley. Portable plastic baskets that make hand pain was alone, so the item you enter should not exceed that.

“Trolley + + faith ardent desire spending less powerful = suicide in front of the cashier.”

5. Each go shopping make sure you’re faithful to the list that has been created. Select is also a big supermarket goods selection complete

Menghambalah on the list you have created yourself via

“Loh, rather than when he went to a large supermarket that actually opens up opportunities for hungry eyes huh? So wasteful dong .. ”

Eits, make no mistake! Precisely big supermarket full of goods often offer discounts to spend a stock. The rapid stock of new stuff coming to force them to spend their old stock who are fast approaching expiration. This is where the chance to get a rebate.

That ye be not hungry eyes, make sure your shopping process, accompanied by a detailed grocery list you have created before. If you can be faithful to a grocery list that you have created yourself then your wallet can be safe until the end of the month.

6. Do you believe that shopping in large packs can save your wallet from a small apocalypse before the end of the month?

Rescuer: shopping in large sizes via

Shopping in large packs may be eligible tricks you employ in order to save expenses every time shopping arrives. Sure, the price of goods in large packs glance seem more expensive. But if in fact carefully calculated volume of product and the price you have to pay will be in a more favorable margins.

Call this,
“The price of shampoo 90 ml = Rp 8,500
Price shampoo 180 ml = Rp 16.000 ”

At first glance we would be tempted by the cheap prices offered by the small size shampoo. In fact, if recalculated, buy shampoo sized 2-fold greater frugality because it allows us to Rp 1,000. Multiply the number of Rp 1,000 with 10 products that you buy at the time – you can already save Rp 10.000!

Buy large-sized products can make you do not have to hurry to shop again next month. Large-sized products that could last longer, so your money can be used for other purposes.

7. Do not use the anti-pay credit cards. In some situations, paying by credit card actually makes you more efficient

Shhh shopping using credit cards can be more economical, tablets via

During this time you probably often read articles that suggest to do not use a credit card when shopping, because this action makes no difference to the debt. Though not always use a credit card is bad, you know. On several occasions it shopping with a credit card can give attractive benefits.

Like when you’re shopping at Sepulsa, for example. With the purchase credit for your phone using a credit card in Sepulsa you can get discounted gift certificates that can be used for other needs.

In some big supermarkets there are even special programs that work directly with the credit card provider. If shopping using a certain credit card you can get a rebate for each product purchased in a hefty percentage.

If it is profitable, why credit card should be shunned? Just clever-clever you just to avoid being trapped in debt vain.

8. Try also create challenges alone shopping with your best friend. He can be the most frugal spending, may elect to be treated to what at the end of the month

Who could be spending more efficient, win! via

Scenario 1:
You: “Duuuuh, this need not ya?” (While looking at a face mask for 200 thousand)
A good friend: “No need lah. Rarely maskeran also ‘right lu? Dear money … ”

Scenario 2:
You: “I bought a mask not ya cuy? Word review the people are nice, ya … ”
Partner shopping nan astray: “Buy aja lah. Definitely kepake too. Not bad for just in case. ”

If wasteful and impulsive nature is already there in your blood, it is time to choose a shopping buddy who can remind you. If you are aware of people who are easily tempted, do not go with my fellow impulsive buyer as well.

Select friends shopping grumpy and a little strict about spending. If you need to create exciting challenges to savers expenditure between you two. Make your shopping list together, confirm the need to be purchased in a dose equivalent – then determine how much money can be spent this time in a shopping session.

He can be the most frugal spending entitled to be rewarded. The winner can ask treated to eat, buy goods, or even care costs paid for subscription to the salon. Of course in this way you will endeavor to shopping as economical as possible, then? Instead of having to shell out again for failing to downsize?

9. Do not hesitate to shop online for their daily needs. Prices were lower than market prices usually they offer

Shopping online can give you a cheaper price via

The proliferation of online stores recently did so a blessing for shopping enthusiasts clothing and other daily necessities. Virtual store of this kind usually dare to offer steeper price than stores in malls and shopping centers.

The collection was unique, pre-orders can be used for imported goods, and more exclusive because it is owned by a few people.

For the safety of your monthly spending money, buying makeup and clothing online can be tried as one of the tactics. But remember, do not be hungry eyes and order more than you need ya! Select is also an online shop that has reliable quality.

Oh yes, this online shopping would be much more efficient by utilizing discounted coupons you get from Sepulsa. Each pulse in Sepulsa purchase, you will receive a discount coupon for your purchases in a wide range of leading online stores as Unity, Berrybenka and Shopdeca.