Tips to Avoid Bodong Investment

Tips to Avoid Bodong Investment

Investment bodong until now is still a trap for potential customers, and continue to be used by some people who are not responsible.

This activity is considered to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise huge amounts of funds from the wider community. So for years, investment bodong still many happen and cause losses for the investor.

Old mode indeed, but new victims continue to continue. If viewed from the pattern, investment bodong is not a new thing. This can be seen from the high number of similar cases that occurred for years.

Of course it is very unfortunate, given the government has given warning of the danger and also the losses that can arise on the business activities are not clear. However, in fact, the same thing is still repeated, even with the number of victims and losses are getting fantastic.

Although the government through the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has repeatedly appealed to the public to always be careful when investing, still a fraud case under the guise of investment bodong is still just happening.

Basically, the lack of knowledge of the investment itself is one of the main causes. Coupled with the ease of tempted on a number of outstanding offerings are huge.

As a society that has a great chance to become a victim of these investment activities bodong, we should start learning to be more intelligent and responsive in understanding various forms of investment, especially those around us.

If we understand and recognize the risks that exist in an investment well, then a vigilant attitude will always we have. So that will be able to weigh well, which investment is feasible and can provide more benefits, as well as balanced risk in the financial.

For that, always recognize the investment bodong from the beginning, so the risk of loss can be avoided. Consider the characteristics of tips to avoid investing bodong this from the beginning well, namely:

1. Beware of Unreasonable Return Bid

Almost all of the bund investment will offer unreasonable and unbelievable yields. For example, the amount of profit 5% in a month, or the amount of profit can reach 40-50% in 1 year.

The amount is certainly very large for the size of the returns / profits of an investment in general. So it can be sure it makes quickly tempted and happy to invest funds in large quantities.

For those who are accustomed to a number of investment instruments, whether long term or short term, the value of the yield is unreasonable and too much.

For that, understanding and familiar with the various investment instruments and risks, it will be helpful to avoid the temptation of an unreasonable profit offer.

2. Note the Status of Investment Laws Offered

Typically, if the investment is a bully, it will not have the legality or strength / legal recognition of the authorities. Thus, investor rights are not well secured.

This will be very risky. For various possibilities could happen to the funds invested. If at any time this investment activity is problematic, then we as the customer will not have legal protection for the funds that have been embedded there.

Therefore, prior to investing activities, ensure the legality of the company and also the business carried out in accordance with applicable law. If the business is engaged in financial services, then the OJK party is authorized to issue this business.

If the business is engaged in cooperatives, then this permit will be issued by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs. However, if the business is in the field of trade, then this company must have permission from the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag).

Whereas if the business is in the form of Multi Level Marketing (MLM), then the company must have permission from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). So, pay attention to the legal status of this investment company well.

3. Make sure the Organizational Structure is Clear

A company, of course, must have a clear organizational structure, starting from the highest position to the lowest. However, things like this will not be found in the investment bodong, because basically this company stands up and formed at random, without meeting the standards of corporate organization as it should.

5. Does the Recruitment System Impact on Investment Results?

It’s important to know. Therefore, investment bodong generally will use a recruitment system that can directly affect the amount of income from investments we cultivate.

If we can recruit people and make them invest in large numbers, then our income will also be greater. The opposite is true.

While in a legal investment company, things like this we will not find. Because it only needs to invest and oversee the investment activities on a regular basis.

If an investment company weighed on its customers with this recruitment system, then most likely it is a vague investment company whose business is not clear.

6. See, Is the Business Address and Stewardship Clear?

If so you find, then it’s good to be careful. Not only the business activities are not clear, the address of the company must also be sure to be in a place clearly.

Investment company bodong in general will only have a small office and looks unprofessional, along with a number of staff / employees who are also only a few.

When looking at the condition of companies like this, then beware from the beginning. Because it could be this company will be out of business a few days after we invest funds there.

Well, keep in mind, professional companies should stand in a decent and strategic location. Also supported by staff as well as business activities that are feasible and legal.

Recognize and Avoid Risks of Bodong Investment Fraud from the Beginning
Although there are many happen and cause the number of casualties and losses that are not small, but investment bodong for this still continues to be one of temptation and for some people who want to invest. Of course the existence of this investment bodong a threat for investors who want to invest funds.

For that, you as a potential investor, well know and understand in advance the type of investment that will be used, so the risk of fraud that may happen can be avoided from the beginning. Do not get out of your investment is not a profit, but even a stump. asuransi pendidikan