Sediakan asuransi pensiun anda mulai sekarang

Masa pensiun akan tenang, jika anda menyiapkan dana pensiun dengan baik

Asuransi itu tidak wajib tetapi sangat penting

Ketika sakit dijamin anda tidak dapat mengambil asuransi

Kami menyediakan solusi financial anda

Salah sau solusi financial dengan mengambil asuransi



If you have children and want them to grow up healthy and active, but you also have a mountain of busyness, then it becomes an example of a healthy is a good starting point.

Consider the following 5 tips that you can do with the children and family while keeping your own body’s health:

1. Plan outdoor activities
Set one day on the weekend to do a couple of outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, or just take a walk in a city park.

2. Following a special class together
Find out about the program parental and children are offered in dance classes, music, art, or sports matches involving parents and their children. In addition to helping stimulate the child, it can also strengthen the relationship between parent and child.

3. Dekor the family room
Family a space usually means the gathering of all family members for a chat or watch television together. Encourage the child and family to redecorate this room to be more fresh.

4. Make homework fun
Teach children receive homework as beberes, not a difficult thing. Start by challenging your child with a game that involves chores such as sweeping race. Most children will do the challenge because it is fun and not to be outdone.

5. Creating a new recipe family
Eating together is a tradition almost every family in the world to establish closer family relationships. Not only the process of eating, you can also start to cook together. Make a special recipe for your family that are specifically made with the child and family.


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