Tips On How Life Insurance Claims Procedure

Tips On How Life Insurance Claims Procedure

Insurance is basically not a form of compensation but a form of easing the risk that a person experiences loss. Insurance products today have many different types and one of the popular types of insurance, namely life insurance.

The insurance premium is the right of insurance companies to be paid by the insured. While the insurance claim is an obligation that must be paid to the insurance company that insured. Claims Life insurance is a form of insurance policy benefits.


Life insurance claims could be administered easily because many insurance companies that provide ease of life insurance claims process so that the process of disbursement of insurance claims can be done quickly.
But because of a lack of understanding how to take care of life insurance claims, many people find it difficult to take care of life insurance claims. Here are some tips on how life insurance claims procedures are general guidelines you can make when taking care of life insurance claims, such as:

You as a life insurance claimant must inform the insurer that the insured had died. Prepare a copy of the death certificate issued by the funeral home or the office of the country. The death certificate contains data when, where, and cause of death of insured. Usually, insurance companies will ask the things pertaining to the insured, for example, insurance policy number, insurance policy the insured status, and other information related to the death of the insured.

Then the insurance company will send you a life insurance claim form “Statement of Claim”. Complete the claim form of life insurance.
After you fill out the insurance claim form, immediately fill out paperwork related to, for example:
Policy and Endorsement (Original).
Medical Certificate which beisikan cause of death of the insured.
Death Certificate from the Civil Service.
Proof of the Department of Cemeteries Cemeteries.
Certificate Examination The bodies of the Hospital / Health Department if tetanggung was referred to the hospital.
If you completed the above files, the insurance company will immediately analyze and process life insurance claims. The analysis process life insurance claims in the form of verification of the status of the insurance policy is still effective, then the personal data related to the insured, the information about the death of the insured, and the verification of evidence of the death of the insured if it was true or not. And also the terms and exclusions filing insurance claims related to the cause of death of the insured.

If the life insurance claim is valid and correctly assessed their company will perform the calculation of liability to pay the insurance company to the heirs of the insured.
Final procedure of filing a claim life insurance is life insurance claim payments. We recommend that you inform in advance the insurance company regarding your bank account information. Life insurance claims process can sometimes take a long time because the insurance companies are very cautious and careful when analyzing the life insurance claims, especially when insurance claims reached more than 1 billion rupiah.

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