Tips on Choosing the Best Kos

Tips on Choosing the Best Kos

Continuing school to college level is the right goal when graduating from high school. For the moment the status of students of course confused want to study in the area of ​​origin or outside the city. If you choose a college outside the city, it’s a sign you’ll be a boarding boy in the near future. However, is it prepared well?

Being a boarding child is nice and uncomfortable. Ease if you have a family in the city. Uncomfortable of course when having to learn independently. You should also be able to take care of yourself, take care of health, and manage finances well. The reason, parents are no longer around you.

For those who will soon be boarding children, there are some tips in choosing the kos-kosan to know. Check out the tips below:

1. Facilities Offered

When you want to find a boarding house, you need to pay attention to what facilities will be obtained during there. Kos-kosan one of course different from other kos-kosan. Each kos-kosan offers different facilities. So you have to know what kind of facility is really needed.

For those who want to always connect with the internet, look for kos-kosan that has Wi-Fi facility. If you own a private vehicle, look for a boarding house that has a land for storing your vehicle. Also make sure all the facilities offered support all your daily activities.

The better the facilities offered, the more expensive the price. If you want to get adequate facilities and complete, you must be ready to spend deeper.

2. Appropriate Prices

In an era like now, many people are opening a kos-kosan business. Each of course offers different facilities and prices. The more complete the facilities, usually the price is pegged also more expensive. When choosing a boarding house, pay attention to the facilities, access, and location of the boardingers themselves. Whether strategic or not. If the location, facilities, and access good, then reasonable if the price is expensive.

When choosing kos-kosan, do not be too fix the cheap price, but the facilities are not at all with you. Especially if the facilities to support your daily activities are not adequate, such as: Wi-Fi. Therefore, first find out the need to estimate the cost of rent to be paid each month. Do not forget to compare the prices kosan one with the other for best results.

3. Close to Campus Area

Got a boarding house close to campus of course would be nice. How not, you can save more money. For example, you can walk when you go to college. In addition, you can also come back when there are items left behind. If it’s like this, of course no longer need to spend more transportation costs, right? Transportation costs can be used for other needs, such as buying stationery.

Usually kos-kosan close to the campus area is more expensive than kos-kosan that is located far from the campus. If you really want to live near the campus environment, then it should be ready to pay a more expensive price huh.

4. Circumstances Friendly and Crime Crime

Knowing the state of the environment in the area of ​​kos-kosan become things that are not less important. If you want a good environment, you should spend your time looking for the best kos-kosan for you. It is not only time consuming, but also energy. To save time, do a quick search. If delay time, it could be kos-kosan that became your target is full filled by others.

Find the Best Rooms from Smartphone Only
Of course it will be very inconvenient dong, if looking for boarding course you have to spend all day. Pacing here and there, door to door, just to wonder about the price and facilities boarding. Now there are various applications that offer the ease of finding the best kostan only with capital of smartphones and internet quota. Here are some of the most used internet applications to search kost kostan

1. MamiKost

This app will give you all the information about the boarding rooms that are ‘available’ or empty throughout Indonesia. Complete with the price information kost, facilities, and number of board owners if you want to contact directly. Also information is also equipped with photos, so you can estimate yourself if the boarding room is suitable only from this application.

2. KosKost
This application is the same as MamiKost, except that this application only offers information about kost-kost that exist in Jabodetabek area. This app is suitable for students who are looking for a boarding room. Because in this application there will be information about the student’s favorite boarding room complete with reviews.

3. Kost Hunt
More specifically, this application only displays information about kost-kostan around the area Jatinangor, West Java. So that again wander to Jatinangor area can use this application.Another plus, this application also offers complete information for the needs of the boarding child. Such as shoes sole service, masseur services, gallon mineral water services, cleaning services aka kostan aliases and goods transport services.

4. Urbanindo
Not just kost-rib. This application also provides information about apartments, rented houses and for sale throughout Indonesia. So you who not only need information about kostan but also property, this application is the right answer.

In addition to information about kost-kostan, in this application is also a lot of information about the property, especially around the area of ​​Bali, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Medan, and Palembang. Not only that, the sophistication of this application from other applications is, you can chat (chat) with the owner kostan or property directly through this application.

Afraid of Asking Misguides on the Road
Because you still do not know the circumstances surrounding the environment, do not hesitate to ask your neighbor. Find out whether the environment is safe from thieves or not. For areas that are filled by students, usually thieves are very easy to find.Because students become easy targets for the evil action of the thieves. asuransi pendidikan

Choose an area that has 24-hour security. So your worry a little less because there is security that will secure your area of ​​residence.