Tips on Building a Brilliant Career Based on Personality Types

Tips on Building a Brilliant Career Based on Personality Types

Speaking of human personality, the outline is introvert or tendency as quiet and extrovert which have more open nature. However, Socrates, the Roman philosopher has described that there are 4 personality in man, namely:

Sanguine (fast paced, agile or nimble)
Choleric (strong and rigid personality)
Pragmatic (good listener and passive inclined)
Melancholy (detailed and meticulous or perfectionist)
Well, the four personality differences have the same advantages and disadvantages each. If each person knows his personality, then the chances for success in his life are also greater by means of self-introspection.

Therefore, to build a brilliant career, can also be done properly based on the type of personality, including:

1. Tips for Sanguine

This Sanguine type is an extroverted personality type. As with the category of open nature, the Sanguins tend to be sociable and talkative and have a leader’s soul. No wonder they can also be a trendsetter.

For those of you who have Sanguine personality, which tend to be fast-paced and nimble aka nimble, then you usually behave the most excited and exciting or the most crowded among your peers. So, when this Sanguine is not there in the office, then the atmosphere will feel lonely.

However, because of its crowded character this actually makes the Sanguine tend to be careless and easy to ignore the responsibility. Not surprisingly, the Sanguine is usually problematic with the tasks. This is what the Sanguine lacked.


For Sanguine, if you want to build a brilliant career, you should note the following:

Do not easily fall asleep with the fun with colleagues to put aside a number of job responsibilities
Do not easily become feelings or emotions so ignore the logic
Frequent self-correction (self-introspection) and always learn from experience
Learn from the Melancholy to get the job done on schedule and good results

2. Tips for Choleric

Well, if it turns out your personality including the Choleric, then the tendency is full of spirit and want to be the forefront and authoritarian impression because it is relative stubborn and have a strong willpower. In terms of work, the Choleric always put the job and pursued the target. But the stubbornness of his head is often a boomerang because it is difficult to accept suggestions and opinions of others.


Because of this strong character, the Choleric are advised to pay attention to the following to make the career brilliant:

Learn from the Pragmatic to be more calm and accept other people’s views
Try to be better at telling the words not to upset people
Be patient in doing something to keep the job from falling apart
Do not be selfish and anti with the help of your co-workers to get the job done quickly

Avoid acting arbitrarily or term ngebossy, because it could be your colleagues turned out to be superior and experienced

3. Tips for Pragmatic

The Pragmatic can be spelled out also the calm because his character is really calm in living his life. Usually, this Pragmatic personality is also known to be patient and a good listener. But unfortunately, his relaxed attitude is what makes them pragmatic personality tend to be passive. Of course this passive attitude is also not good to build a career in your work, because it does not seem to compete.


Because of its passive tendencies, these Pragmatics are advised to learn more actively to improve competitiveness in the workplace, then do the following:

Should learn from those who have Choleric personality, ie do not easily agree with what others say
Do not hesitate to express your own opinion
Be steady with attitude and do not be easy to vacillate or change your mind

Strengthen your confidence
Do not be ashamed to express yourself because you are actually a creative person

4. Tips for Melancholy

No word of surrender before what it does works perfectly. That’s about the Melancholy. There is nothing wrong with having this detailed and meticulous nature.

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