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Tips How To Educate Children And Provide Good Examples

How to Tips for Educating Children According to the Guidance of Islam would need to be known and well understood by the people if they want their children to be good and sholeh sholehah. Because everything good needs to be planted from an early age too by doing good things. Exemplary and good example of parents to their children is one of the keys to successfully educate children well too. This time Tino News tried to share about this.

How to educate give examples and good example to the child should be understood thoroughly not just a fragment only. In order for the child to grow fully and healthy also intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. So in order to educate children should be an effort to invite and motivate children to the positive to dare to discover new things intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. All three should not be separated let alone removed.

Tips How To Educate Children And Provide Good Examples

Surely every parent has the wishes and dreams of his son to be successful in the life of the world hereafter. And this is indeed from the beginning when choosing a partner, when it has arrived and come marks of pregnancy character is running on a mother. So things related to children’s education have begun to be implanted and implemented by parents.

Religious education for children is a basic foundation in order to provide child educators. Apart from religious education examples and good example of parents and good environment is something that should not be forgotten and underestimated to be able to educate and direct our children to know about Islam and all matters related to the religion of Islam that we profess. To know the example of the example of the Prophet Muhammad SAW educate our children need an example in family life and society.


Method of Education to Children

Here are some ways in providing education to children so that children can live in goodness and give a lot of good to others.

Providing Religious Education

Providing basic education aqidah morals and all matters relating to Islamic religious teachings we need the people planted since early. If still in stage stage of children then give it of course according to age and stage of development and growth of child so that can be understood by the children.

One more important thing when it has introduced Islam to the child then the example and exemplary of the parents is also the key to the success of providing this religious upbringing. What does it mean when a lot of science is given, even his parents do not do what has been taught about moral goodness in the religion of Islam that he taught it.

Good Example Parents In Children

As mentioned above, giving religious education must be a real example. This can be implemented in a way that parents include children in worship such as prayer, not just to order it. Because
Children’s education will be more successful when every sensation is empowered.

So, parents not only empower the child’s sense of hearing to order him to do this and that, but parents also need to empower their sense of sight to imitate the good attitudes and behaviors of parents. Not only that, parents can also invite children to empower their feelings when worship, which is to bring a sense of love in running a worship, as well as to teach him how to present a heart that khusyu ‘when worshiping.

Express Love to Children

Parents also need to get used to expressing a sense of parental love to the child and this can be realized by giving a hug or a warm touch. This will teach children that in the life of the household, the relationship of parents with children is required sincere and sincere love for all family members. This is part of the Prophet’s way of teaching children how we can follow and sample.

Teach Adab Ethics

Should teach adab and ethics to the child. Precious men have paid great attention to Islamic existence. Just look at the words of a Salaf to his son: “O my son, you learn a chapter about adab more I like than you learn seventy chapters of science. (Tadzkiratus Sami ‘wal Mutakallim).

Tips for Educating Children According to Islam

There are many different kinds of Islamic Isbam that must be taught to the child, but in general, the discussion of the problem of adab, ethics, and morals is divided into several as follows:
The presence and morals of Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla, such as servitude, not doing shirk, obey His command and stay away from His prohibition, ridha to His destiny, and give thanks for all His blessings.
The presence and the morals of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, as his belief as Prophet and the last Apostle to all human beings, loving the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam, obey what he ordered and stay away from what he forbade, follow Sunnah he sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam and away from all forms of heresy.
Adab and morals to self and fellow human beings, such as adab eat and drink, adab sleep, adab dress, adab visit, adab ask permission, adab berdo’a and adab-adab other.
The existence and morals of animals and plants according to the guidance of the Shari’ah, such as not hurt him, not torture him, feed him and drink, take care of him, and not kill him in ways that are forbidden by religion.
Being a good role model for a child is not as easy as turning a palm. But if positive behavior is plural done in everyday life then the example can be given even without bothering. Parents can set an example for a child how to behave as well as do not like to lie, be fair, love others, diligent learning, discipline and so on.

A good example of a father to his child is one of the most important things in a child’s life. Especially in the moral education of a child. Similarly, a good example of a mother is also important for moral education for the child. For that parents must be an example and a good example in children and also for our own family. Because this will affect the stage of development of our children also later.


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