The new school year is near, do not feel that little fellow has been increased, it is time to go to school early childhood. Father-mother already had to think to choose a good school for early childhood ananda. Choosing school Early Childhood Education for children is an important decision for the development of the child. This should be done carefully, thoughtfully, do not rush, and do not be easily influenced by advertisements Institute ECED not professionals. ECD experts and observers problems of early childhood education in Indonesia Prof Sandralyn Byrnes revealed elections early childhood school for children should be taken into account from the beginning, because it is a determinant of future investment and child! wrong in choosing school children, will be bad for the child’s development in the future.

Then, how to choose a school for your child? Based on the advice of Prof. Sandralyn Byrnes, ways or tips on choosing the best school early childhood institutions for our children is to consider the following things:

1. Check and Check ECD relevant school curriculum.
Know what will be taught and how teaching. Many development curriculum offered by each school, with concentrations ranging charge that religious-based religion, IMTQ, character, skills, and technologies to the adoption of a curriculum ranging from national to international. Of course international system costs more expensive. For Selecting ask yourself, the extent to which children need what is offered by each system of teaching. International specialized curriculum for this, if you want to prepare children to master a foreign language, you can choose a school with a curriculum and learning a foreign language or bilingual introduction. Options with native speaker teachers are more ideal for children to practice the pronunciation of foreign languages.

2. Observe and do Dialogue with teacher educators.
See if there is passion and enthusiasm of teachers to teach to their children. If teacher educators only seen doing work obligations, it’s useless. Kids will not be considered their needs, because each child is different. Ask also about how to deal with children, said the problem of your child, and note the answer to the educator. Good educator will emit an aura of love and affection for the children, he knows about how to deal with and help children with various needs. Behavior Reflects good educator will be received with joy by children

3. Talk also with the Institute Headmaster or business.
“A schoolmaster should know and understand about early childhood education. If you know the person who led the agency understands its job, you can be calm and confident that the candidate school children we can walk in the right direction and good for our children’s education in the future.

4. Note the location of the learning environment.
Children still do not understand exactly what is safe and not safe for him. Make sure the environment is safe, there are no dangerous objects for children, as well as clean and tidy.

5. Visit the school’s First in time clock
See how the children there to interact with the surroundings. Do the children look happy, whether there is a smile on there? “If the kids look depressed, sad, do not laugh or smile, you could say there was something wrong at the institution.

6. Note the Natural Environment Institute Being Around good.
“According to Prof Sandralyn Byrnes, children must also be learned outside the classroom. They must explore the surroundings, interacting with nature, to train their motor.

7. Note the Pula-run Program Management School.
Institutions that have good flow uninterrupted triangular cooperation between the three components, namely; teachers, schools and parents. All three must work well. Parent-child involvement in school is not only limited shuttle school. There must be other programs that are made for example Parenting, Out bond children and parents etc.

8. Give School Children Best Choice We ECD.
One important thing to note, do not ever turn over school selection to the child. Because children do not understand what to watch. One child if the parents ask, ‘How is school? You want the school where? ‘ That’s not the right way to choose a school for early childhood education. The parents who are responsible and in charge of selecting the best school for the child.

* * *

In connection with the developmental needs of children when the school day, choosing early childhood institutions should also pay attention to operational matters such as:
Select the school closest to home. Do not let children exhausted before arriving at the school because they have to travel long distances and jammed.
Comparison of the number of students with teachers, at least five children to one teacher. Also ask until what age children should be accompanied by a parent in the classroom.
That children do not get bored, select a school with learning time is not more than 4 hours and frequency of intermittent 1-3 days, or two hours per day. Except for all of you who leave their children in Daycare (TPA) of the early childhood school.
Calculate fees and payments requested school, use the principle of the more expensive the better service of the institution. Note the additional school services, such as security guards, janitors and kitchen services, etc., it is not wrong if we ask how they are being paid, to determine the effectiveness of the use of the school budget is on target or not.
It would be nice if there are people we know work at the school, which may at any time there is an urgent matter until we need to ask him to supervise or help keep our children outside of school hours.

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