Tips for Teaching Kids Walk

Tips for Teaching Kids Walk

In general, the child is able to stand and set foot for the first time when they were aged 9-12 months and start smoothly running when they hit the age of 14-15 months. But one child with other children can vary, so do not worry. Well, here is the easy tips to stimulation when the child begins to look would learn to walk. Good luck! #babyloaniatips

1. Prepare the Environment

When your baby begins to pull himself and vines, set up the environment so that it can be easily practiced. You can provide a low table and put the toys on it so that your child can pick it up yourself.

2. Give Tutorial

Give him a passion and drive to move from one point to another. You can also encourage children to propagate around the crib.

3. Give Help

You can stimulate them with games, for example by inviting Son to take the ball in your hands while standing and walking. If it can move, you can walk backwards while holding the ball.

4. Encourage Play

You can help him walk by holding his armpits with your hands, or using tools such as Walking Wings

5. Provide toys that can be pushed

Provide toys that can be pushed so that the little ones can learn to walk while holding

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