Tips for Teaching English to Children

Tips for Teaching English to Children

Learn from experience. For good practice in teaching languages, we need to reflect when teaching language to our children in the family environment.

For example our family language is Indonesian. When teaching our children to speak, we were never taught the meaning of the words we speak in the presence of our children. We only give examples of words and their actions.

Kids learn by imitating. What we must understand is that human beings are naturally able to learn by imitation. So also with children who learn to speak. They also can learn to speak by imitating.

The easiest way for them, and of course, this is the most effective. So when we teach language to children, so the easiest way is by example (pronunciation) and actions (for the meaning of the spoken word).

Say it, and give examples of actions. Say certain words, and ask the child to imitate the words over and over again will make the child pick a good pronunciation of the language learned.

In order for children also understand the meaning contained in the words spoken, then the action of the meaning of the spoken word was necessary exemplified by us.

Let’s take the example of eating on the word teach. We say enough to eat, and the children were told to imitate. So also with the meaning of other words. Just speak and give examples of actions.

How to Teach English
Use the same approach. Teaching English should also use the same approach we use when teaching a language family. Let your child experience the atmosphere of the right to speak, according to the context.

Therefore when teaching English to elementary school children, later we will find language learning for low grade and high grade language learning, with a different approach.

Children learn language from listening, imitating, do. Especially for the early stages of language learning, it should really be our attention.

So, in learning English, children should be able to listen to the words pronounced correctly by the teacher, so when children imitating the teacher, they say it exactly anyway.

Incorrect pronunciation and imitated by children, will affect the child always mispronounce certain words. Better before teaching the children, teachers ensure that the speech will be delivered to children is already true.

Open English dictionary of word pronunciation, or listen to how native English speakers pronounce these words.

Use the right tool or media. The use of appropriate tools or media will allow the child to master the material being taught.

If you must use a tool or a specific media when teaching English, then the teacher must seek to fulfill.

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