Tips For Kids Intelligent Since Baby

Tips For Kids Intelligent Since Baby

1. Talk with intelligent
Encourage your child to talk as often as possible
According to Ashton Dr.Jean -pengajar and observers of early childhood education from the University of Sydey, Asutralia, take the baby talk is not just limited to the raving, out the words funny or calling her name.

“Encourage your child to talk and learn to also be a good listener for him. Babies may not have been able to answer with words, but they responded with a clever expression. These responses should be noted and appreciated as an early form babies learn to communicate with their environment. ”

You can also take the baby talk intelligently to call out his name, ask me something, explain the appropriate logic and use complete sentences.

2. Participate play
Still, according to Dr. Ashton, Mama involvement when children can play megajarkan how to play should be. These activities will also help speed up the learning process of children, developing the potential of the social, or the ability to recognize talent, enthusiasm, to her emotional needs.

3. Read the story
Not too early to start reading stories to children. As Dr.Rosmarie Truglio, an education expert, “Reading can foster a love child in the book, improve vocabulary and help develop language skills.”

Choose books with pictures simple and attractive colors so that children can participate see and play.

4. Sing!
Choose a song that has a rhyming poem, has tones or sounds unique and make your move. Lizards on the walls, hap! Easy, is not it? “It’s a very pleasant way to encourage children to learn various sounds and menamabah vocabulary. Children will also be encouraged to participate in moving and having fun.

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