Tips for Kids Creating Intelligent Early

Tips for Kids Creating Intelligent Early

Having a smart child is the desire of all parents. But did you know that parents can educate children so that intelligence can be stimulated since birth? Even since I was a fetus, parents can see their children’s intellectual development. To be like that, parents should pay attention to several aspects, including the requirement for biomedical, affection and stimulation.

Talk about intelligence, of course, can not escape the problem of the quality of the brain, while the quality of the brain was affected by a number fakor. In principle, the positive development of intelligence in the womb can happen to notice a lot of things. Among others are:

Meeting the Needs Nutrition

First, the biological needs (physical) form of nutrition for pregnant women should be completely fulfilled. A pregnant woman, nutrition should be sufficient. That is, the intake of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals properly fulfilled. In addition, a pregnant woman does not suffer from the disease that would interfere with the growth and development of the unborn child. The nutritional requirements of itself, is not only when the mother was pregnant, but when she is ready to contain also must pay attention to nutrition, food and nutritional composition should be complete, so that when pregnant, physically ready and the pregnancy process will take optimal nutrition.

But, indeed in Indonesia or in the developing countries in general may be said there is still ajarang families prepare for pregnancy. In fact, sometimes there is a pregnancy is regarded as a surprise. In contrast to what happened in developed countries. This is likely to be the original cause why children born later are not qualified, because the parents seemed not ready in all respects to provide for the child.

Meeting the Needs Love

A mother must accept the pregnancy it with a sincere heart and happy, that pregnancy is really desired. Without love, your baby’s development will not be optimal. The pregnant woman must be ready and able to accept the risk of pregnancy. The risk, for example, a career woman who is pregnant, feeling overwhelmed and worried her pregnancy would interfere with his work. He actually wanted to get pregnant, but on the other hand also feel disturbed by her pregnancy. These conditions are not conducive to stimulate the development of the unborn baby.

In addition, there are psychological factors that influence the development of infant intelligence, that is, whether the pregnant woman legally married or elope. Her marriage sanctioned or not, and whether there is a commitment between husband and wife. Without the commitment between the two, the pregnancy can be considered intrusive.

In addition to existing commitments should also support (support). Without support, despite the commitment of a husband and a family, but they can reduce stimulation perkembanan and intelligence of babies in the womb. Thus, the variable compassion is a commitment by the husband, as well as the support of parents and families, so that a mother can receive pregnancy with a peaceful heart.

Full Attention Pregnant Women Against Abortion

The point is that pregnant women can deliver stimulation and intentionally touch to the baby dam abortion. Because emotionally there will be contact. If the mother of joy and delight, the blood will release transmitter substances neo pleasure, so that the unborn baby will also feel happy.

Conversely, if the mother was always depressed, overwhelmed, anxiety, and stress, it releases substances in the blood that contains the discomfort, and did not realize the baby will be stimulated and also restless. most good is the stimulation of the sounds, caress, and songs like the mother. This will stimulate the baby to be happy. In contrast, if the mother to do things he did not like, because that would be giving negative stimuli in infants. This stimulation is more effective if the pregnancy was the age above six bulan.`Sebab, at the age of the network structure of the brain in infants already started functioning.

To get the conditions that a mother should keep the nutrients obtained from the daily diet. In fact, need to be immunized, such as by injection of TT. Also do regular consultation with the doctor regularly. Initially once a month, and at the age of seven months of pregnancy to two times a month. Further tightened to once a week at the age of nine months kehamalan.

Are advised not to drink the drugs that he says can stimulate baby brain development and intelligence. The drugs were just nonsense. Providing drugs such useless, and not bepengaruh anything. Which is important to create any educational environment, three factors above. Positive stimulation, it can increase the intelligence of the child in the womb. From stimulation is expected keika children grow and not just be smart, but can socialize with their environment. Stimulation can also lead to closeness between mother and child.

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