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Tips for Keeping Kids in Public Places

On holidays or weekends of course shopping centers become one option for you and your family to spend time together. This means that the malls will be crowded with patrons. But, beware, there is nothing more makes you frantic and stressful than the loss of the baby in the crowded mall visitors, and this can happen in an instant. Here are some surefire tips for those parents who do not want to lose track of their children in the middle of a crowded mall visitors.
Devise a plan, or what-andai,Äù Äúseandainya. Before you go out, talk to family members about what to do if they turned out to be separated at the mall. Use very simple language when describing these plans so that the toddler can understand and remember. Do not forget to tell them to ask for the help of people like the security guard, lifeguard or pool or a mother with her children, Ai and also, if your child is aged over the age of the children, remind him to find a place to meet as part of illumination or an information center, or the entrance of the mall, and wait there.


If your baby under the age of 8 years, remind her not to depart from the same spot until you find them. Repeat again earlier plans for you and your family on a trip to the mall or other public place, make the repetition of sounds funny and interesting, and invite them to repeat as well. Undoubtedly, they will not forget.
Put the baby you light or bright colored clothing. Swimsuit, hat and light-colored T-shirts will be easier for you to find your child that disappeared in a crowd of other visitors. Put the same color on your baby the other. This will help you remember the color of your baby clothes separate. Neon colors such as yellow, orange or light green could be the first choice, you know!
Keep a recent photograph of each child in the camera’s memory card or your smart phone, AI and even photos of all members of your family every time you plan to travel together to a public place.
Implement a system, Äúbuddy,Äù. If you spend all day with your extended family or friends and their kids, appoint an adult to supervise each child throughout the day and also invite a boy of most parents to help. If Someone of them wanted to go to the toilet or other purposes, they should ask other adults help to replace it temporarily.


This system needs to be applied, especially when you and your family go to the public pool or beach. Never assume that other visitors would certainly help pay attention to your children.
Your child knows your phone number? Remind your child is older to memorize the number of your phone or caregiver of your child as a precaution in emergencies. If you label your children’s clothing, make sure the label is already equipped with your mobile phone number.
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