Tips for Communicating With Children Aged 4-5 Years

Tips for Communicating With Children Aged 4-5 Years

Communication with children is one of the most memorable moments of being a parent. Kids learn to absorb information and experience daily interaction not just with us, but with adults, family members, other children, and the surrounding world.

And the age of 4-5 years, many children are entering kindergarten or playgroup, with language skills that will be learned in class.

Communicate with your child

Your child will learn more when more interactive conversation and play with her friends. Reading books, singing, playing word games, and talk to your toddler will improve heard good way.

Here are some ways to increase your child’s ability to communicate:

Talk about everyday activities
Talk about the books you read together
Talk about TV programs and videos that you watched together
Keep books, magazines, and other reading materials in a place that is inaccessible children
Help your child to make an album about him or our family with photos
Vocabulary and patterns komuniasi

As children master the ability to speak, they will also develop the ability berkomunikasinya. Kids aged 4-5 years will normally follow instructions more complicated and with the spirit of talking about what he had done. They can make up stories and to listen carefully, and retell the story.

At this age, children usually understand the letters and numbers are symbols of the original objects and ideas, and they can use it to talk and explain information. Most children will know the name and sex of family members and other personal information. They used to play with words and makes words and stories are funny.

Child sentence structure probably cover five words or more, and the number of children can reach 1000-2000 vocabulary words. Greeting children at this age should be properly understood, though there are errors or stuttering, especially in boys.

If you find a problem

If you feel that your child has a hearing problem, development of language, or speech clarity, call your doctor. A hearing test can be the first step to determine if your child has a hearing problem.

If you feel the communication skills of children decreased or delayed, your doctor may recommend a speech and language evaluation. Children who experience a delay in this case is usually also advisable to see a pediatrician or psychologist developmental problems.

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