Tips for children to increase their appetite and not eat

Tips for children to increase their appetite and not eat

Problem child will not eat is very often faced by most parents. Especially in children as young as toddlers. This is because at the age of one to five year old children are always on the move and it definitely had an effect on his diet.

Children’s reduced appetite because they prefer to play rather than sit and eat at a designated place. Around so the children would eat so that your baby to be healthy is a challenge for any parent. If the child does not want to eat then this can cause the body resistance is reduced, the child becomes prone to diseases due to less intake of nutrients contained in the food.

Here are some tips that can be tried by parents to children increases their appetite and not eat:

1. Apply a meal with the family every day. With the view of parents and other family members (eg, sister, grandmother and grandfather) eat food, your child will be interested as well to eat their meals. If the child still refuses to eat, ask the child to remain seated in the dining room until the meal was finished.

2. Serve food in small portions. If the child is able to finish his meal compliment to the child, and gradually give food more if the child is still hungry.

3. Should give the child time eating hours of water as a drink. After he spent eating then you can give him milk. When you give milk before meals, it is feared he will quickly feel full and less interest to spend their food.

4. Serve meals and snacks at regular around the same time each day. So that your baby want to eat his food very hour meal, parents should reduce and limit snacks or a light snack between meals.

5. The atmosphere when children eat should be fun, in the sense of relaxed and not in a hurry (especially if the child is still learning to feed themselves). Feeding when in a hurry can make children choke.

6. The menu is presented should vary with the variety of different types of food every day so that children do not get bored and healthier. The human body requires a wide variety of vitamins and minerals every day.

Because no single food contains all the content is complete, then the man should implement a healthy balanced diet. Therefore, you should present a menu that has been arranged so that children get all the nutrients they need.

7. The food was interesting, of course makes children more enthusiasm to eat it. In order to increase her appetite and serve food in a cute piece shapes and contrasting colors blend attractive to children.

8. You can slip or hide vegetables or fruit that your child does not like on her favorite food. For example, children do not like bananas and carrots, but like cakes and muffins, then you can make a banana cake or carrot muffin for him.

For the carrot cake recipe / soft and healthy carrot cake I have ever made (containing carrots, pineapple and olive oil), can be found here -yang.html

As another example if your child likes yogurt, but do not like fruits, then you can insert some small pieces of fruit to mix with favorite yogurt to supplement their nutritional content. But avoid giving fruit-flavored yogurt that flies like a banana or strawberry flavor, because this means that the fruit flavors are derived from substances such additional essens fruit, dyes, and other chemicals.

9. Change the processing and presentation of the food is so appealing. For example just satay minced meat balls, fruit skewers, balls – fried potato balls, mini pancakes, fried fish and chicken fried bread flour berbalur have interesting forms.

10. You should not teach children to eat while playing with his toys, let him run around while eating or while watching TV, because eventually the child becomes the focus of the food should be eaten. Familiarize your child to always eat at the table and in a sitting position and not lying down or while playing.

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