Tips for Busy Parents To Stay Close to Children

Tips for Busy Parents To Stay Close to Children

Spend quality time with our children is essential for their development as well as their happiness. But perhaps because of the demands of work that makes you busy, so you just need to move from the bed.

Parents do should have more time for their children. According to a recent survey of the Family and Parenting Institute found that 6 out of 10 children could spend more time with their parents.

Here we have a way to maximize the time you have to let you stay close to your child, as reported by the Mirror, Saturday (02/01/2013):

1. hug

Any busy parent, you should be able to find the time your child is at least three seconds, whether in the morning, or before and after the return to work or a long hug before the child slept.

Sometimes love can be a safe way to stop the bad behavior.

It can lift the spirit and change the attitudes of children in both parents and has been proven that children will feel the affection of their parents.

2. Family gathering

You only need to set aside about half an hour each week to get together with your child.

Children will feel more loved when they listen and talk seriously when they follow the rules and if they have a problem. It only takes less than nag and scold.

3. Ask for help

After a busy day at the office, plus a list of things to do when you return home may make you lose your time with the kids.

Try to get them involved in the work at home, such as asking him to help set the table for dinner. Ask your child to wear clean socks themselves or some kind of homework to be done.

4. Make an appointment with a child

Children will feel special when they find out that they are as important as your busy schedule. But you should not feel guilty at other times when you are too busy or too tired.

Take your children out of the house at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every day to do something together. Wake the child up 15 minutes early so that children can be sure that you keep that promise.

5. Invites Kids shopping

When the Son becomes depressed because of the arrival in the house no slice of bread or milk at home, you can take her shopping together. Let them know if you are happy to have some time with them.

6.Bicara not play

When you spend time with your child, try to talk more to him instead of playing. Ask about their day at school and talk about you, too. They will surely appreciate you. But, avoid complaining about the boss or your friend in front of your child.

7. Teach attitude good

Try for a family dinner every day where everyone will interact with each other.

Be prepared to pay attention to how your child talking, especially when he was a teenager. They will tend to be a lot of talk. During and after dinner, turn off the Internet, TV and phone you do not waste time with your child.

8. Storytelling

Children love to listen to mom or dad read to them and studies have shown that reading to children helps them also to read. It only takes a few minutes to read one or two books.

9. Set time

At work you may be stressful, but do not reserving fatigue at home. Arrived home happily in front of the child will make your child happy than you put a face angry and tired.

10. Positive

Do not be stingy with time. Your child is in desperate need of attention and do not make the work as an excuse busy and do not have time. Discard negative thoughts and positive feelings in order to wake the child also feels to have you.

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