Tips Embedding Religion Early Education

Tips Embedding Religion Early Education

Child education is not just about worldly skills and lessons. Parents also have an obligation to teach moral education to children. Moral education is the basis for personal and social life. By instilling moral education early on, the child’s personality can grow well and balanced.

Before the child enters school age, it helps parents first introduce religious education to the baby. How to introduce it can vary, depending on the willingness of parents and the ability of children to digest.

If you have been convinced that this is the right time to teach religious life to the baby, then you can listen to some of the following tips.

Introduce Children to God

Religious education
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The first thing to do in religious education is to provide knowledge to the child about God the Creator. One of them by showing them the proof of His greatness.

The world and all its contents is one proof of God’s greatness. You can begin to explain to children about God’s creatures, such as humans, animals, and plants. Then explain also that everything that happens in the environment is with the permission of God. For example, the events rain down, the wind, birds flying in the sky, and so forth.

Usually a child will ask anything that makes him curious. A little advice, you need to be soft and patient when the child begins to be critical. Answer their questions slowly but purposefully, and get them to learn to find their own answers. Next, ask their answers. If their answers are not correct, help them with the right answers.


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