Hearing the word Ramadan or fasting for children is encouraging and always anticipated. But their minds instead of worship are awaited but the amount of good food or new clothes when approaching Eid. However it was not to blame, given their understanding about Ramadan has not reached especially about worship. It’s good for Mother’s father also began introducing fasting in children who are capable enough to carry out this compulsory worship. Educating children to fast early so the time comes when children are obliged to fast, the child does not feel surprised, they have become accustomed and prepared.

But because fasting is more involving to a physical, sometimes the parents neglect to educate and teach their children from an early age fasted for various reasons, ranging from the reasons that children still need nutrition, to underestimate that fasting is the practice for those who already baligh. Yes .. the statement is not wrong, but everything needs stages, can not be instant, in the sense that children need to be given a “practice” of fasting.

No doubt, Ayah Bunda sometimes find it difficult to get around and teach fasting in children from an early age. Teaches fasting for the first children fasting is not easy, the kids do not stand the hunger normally could not do fasting for a full day. Then there are parents who allow and wait until the children were ready by itself, and there are also parents who are willing to bother to do a variety of ways of telling to persuade, but parents should also pay attention to the rules of fasting train children:

Practice of fasting is not to overlook the fact that the need for nutrition and high-boy’s bed. In this case the parents must be good open and the meal menu for children, not to when the practice of fasting nutritional intake of children to be neglected. Ayah Bunda need to understand that these activities are as exercise, habituation and preparation so that the children are familiar with the activities of fasting.


The practice of fasting is not something final, adjust with the child’s body. Make a flexible manner, according to ability and condition of the child, do not be so rigid that the child must be fasting all day, need patience and tenderness for the child in running fast it goes to the liver, because they understand an obligation not simply afraid of being scolded his mother. Prioritize these training activities of the other activities.

It is important to note, women must have a special time with their children, so that children feel valued, cared for and certainly more eager to run fast. Here are some tips for how children want to practice fasting in Ramadan:

First, Prepare mentally and heart

Explain in simple terms the meaning of Ramadan, what is fasting and reward those who mengerjakanya, of course menjelaskanya the preferred language of children. It could also tell the stories of friends who often fasted or on doors Ar Rayan, the special door is provided God in heaven for those who are fasting.

Second, Teach about the intention of fasting

Actually, the intention was located in the liver, but if a small child described this kind must be confused, therefore in mengajarkanya Either have a pronounced reading intentions.

Third, would Recommend routine things in Ramadan

Routine things such as eating a meal, Iftar and Tarawih prayers should be introduced and take the kids directly involved in these activities, gently wake the child at the time of dawn and encourage children to select and prepare the menu when breaking. Parents can set a good example for children when the month of Ramadan, the fasting weighing not complain when activity and fasting with patience.

Fourth, Do it in stages

Instead of saying “Fasting means not eating a full day” better to say “Fasting is simply accelerate breakfast time and delaying lunch”. Thus the child will not feel heavy do it.

At the beginning of the exercise, toddlers who eat breakfast can fast around 07.00 until 10.00 in the morning, after eating, fasting continued until noon and then opened for the second time (at 15:00, for example) then continued again until sunset. The next year fasting can be done until 12.00 noon onwards in accordance with the child’s ability.

For school-aged children are relatively stronger, note the biological clock, say, at 14.00 noon stomach began to feel hungry and began to search for food, switch perhatianya to be able to ignore hunger and thirst to read a story book and gave his favorite toy.