Tips Can Pay Your Own S2 Lecture

Tips Can Pay Your Own S2 Lecture

Already graduated and have a desire to continue the education to S2, you certainly must have some careful consideration first, especially if it turns out to continue this education independently. That is, you will pay for the education in full, without relying again on the monthly money from parents. Then, are you really ready to go through it all?

Paying your own tuition and not relying on parents is a good intention, especially if it turns out that parents still have dependents besides you, then this decision will be a convenience for parents.

But before deciding all this, it is important to prepare everything well, so that college can run well and smoothly. This is very important, to make sure everything can be well planned from the beginning. Do not let the intention to not burden the parents, it will create new financial problems for them.

Calculate the Cost Required

The first thing you must do is to calculate the cost needed to complete the S2 course. This must be done very carefully, so that later will not have financial difficulties in the middle of the road. At least, you’ll need to separate these costs into the following components: bisnis asuransi

1. Tuition fees

After campus selection, majors, and other considerations, then you certainly can already see the estimated cost you need for college later. Make sure to calculate carefully and of course by asking / seeking the most accurate information about the cost, for example by contacting the campus directly. Record and add up all the fees you will need for college to graduate, in order to prepare them well from the start.

2. Living costs

You also need to calculate the cost of living that you will need during college later, because have a plan to finance the lecture independently without the help of parents again. Amount all monthly fees, then total all living expenses during college later.But if it turns out that parents still bear the cost of living monthly (bear the tuition only), then do not need to include this fee.

3. Reserve cost (unexpected)

You definitely expect the lecture later in accordance with the schedule and can be completed on time. But this is certainly not certain, so it is important to have some backup costs, if at any time the tuition fee does not match the initial calculation, or even if it is late to graduate and requires a larger tuition fee.

If the three components of the above costs are known, then it will be easier to arrange and schedule everything, including in choosing a funding source for tuition fees later.

This is the easiest step you can take, so that the lecture can be continued easily. Currently, there are many scholarships that you can follow, especially if it turns out to have excellent academic skills. Some scholarships can even cover full tuition fees, so all tuition fees are no longer a barrier to continuing S2.

But before that, understand well the provisions of the scholarship that you follow, because almost all scholarship foundation will apply a number of strict rules in their scholarship.This is very important for you to observe, so no problem in the future.
1. Lecture while working

You are a graduate and have a diploma, it can easily find a job that is appropriate and in accordance with the knowledge you are studying. No need to be embarrassed, there are many college students while working, even when they are not yet a scholar.

Choose a job that suits the ability, so it is easier to live it. Or, choose a more flexible part-time job, so that college is not disturbed. But always have a good ability in managing the time, so that these two things can run with balance. If you work full time as an office employee, then the choice to take an employee class or college weekend can be taken into consideration.

2. Running a business

If you have not been interested in working in an office or part time, then running your own business is a very appropriate choice. You can start a business on a small scale first, so you can manage it more easily.

Choose the type of business that matches your interests and abilities, so you can face challenges in it more easily and readily. Currently, the choice to run an online business can be considered, given the chances are fairly bright and quite promising.

3. Work and save first

If the above three points do not match the wishes, then the choice to delay one or two years of college is the right step. There are many people who are not accustomed to risk and must always focus on one thing only. You may feel uncomfortable during college while working, or while doing business on the sidelines of college, because you can not focus on two or more things at once.

Rather than taking a risk in college later, then delaying the lecture and preparing the funds first is the right move. You can focus on working or running a business first for a year or two, until the college funds are met well. Afterwards, can continue S2 with a calm and comfortable, given the funds have been available from the beginning.

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Plan, Calculate and Prepare Maturely
The option to immediately or postpone the S2 degree is a good thing to consider, especially for those who want to study at their own expense. Plan your college well, calculate all the costs you will need, so it can be easier to prepare from the beginning.