Tips and How to Develop a Business

Tips and How to Develop a Business

Being a businessman is not an easy task. Anyone may be able to build a business. However, to maintain the existence and grow the business is another matter.

Mature strategy must be prepared to make the company more advanced than before. Many businesses that lack these concerns, so that there is a loss until the company folded.

It may seem creepy, but if studied and understood properly, problems like this is certainly not going to be a significant problem. Even going to be a challenge that could ultimately foster creative ideas from the businesses themselves.

We certainly know the figure of Ciputra, an engineer and entrepreneur in Indonesia. He is well-known as a successful property entrepreneurs, among others in the Jaya Group, Metropolitan Group, and Ciputra Group.

He was also known as a philanthropist, and work in the field of education by developing schools and the University of Ciputra.

In 2011, Forbes released a list of the richest people in Indonesia, Ir. Ciputra was ranked 27th with a total wealth of $ 950 million. According to him, there are various ways that can be taken in developing a business, among other things:

1. Improve and Expand Marketing Network
In improving marketing and expanding, there are several steps that must be taken. First, know your customer. Identification of your target market will help you to formulate effective marketing strategies.

You can target a market in the age group of 15-30 years if you want to market a sports bike. Or you can shoot women with the age group of 20-35 years if they want to market products shoe wedges. Thus, by knowing who your target market, you will avoid wasting time and money wasted.


Secondly, do promotion. Make efforts to introduce product promotions or business to consumer. Try to keep the promotion you do it consistently, continuously, and with creative ways so that the customers do not get bored.

For example, whenever traveling, take a brochure, pamphlet, or leaflet containing product business to share with colleagues, or you can distribute the flyers in public places.

Make a status on social networks related to your product, or you may be able to send SMS to your friends associated with these products.

With a variety of these efforts, by itself, you will find the customer who needs the product you offer.

2. Networking Through Existing Clients and Vendors
Do you work with clients and vendors, who has given the business opportunities repeatedly because they like your job? So take the opportunity to grow your business.

Ask them to provide direction and recommendations that will help you get business opportunities from other parties.

3. Focus on Customer Feedback
Listen to what you want from consumers is gold for the business. When customers give feedback, it is better to listen for what the customers are likely to be the market wants.

With us knowing what the market wants, we can produce the goods or services that are absolutely required by the market funds will eventually be more efficient and reduce the possibility of failure.

If customers are not satisfied with your product or service, it will be visible on your sales. Focus on listening to feedback about your business will give you a broad insight.

4. Diversification
Many businesses forget that they really have the ability to gave additional products and services for customers, who have faithfully put your product.

To understand how to grow your business, consider choosing diversification or expansion of products and services. Who knows, this will help you to capture new market segments.

5. Provide Additional Incentives To Employees
Employees are a vital part of a company that allows a company can operate. Make employees as a business partner and not a business machine.

You should need to gave awards to employees for their services, whether it be in the form of salary bonuses, penanambahan facilities, or time off.


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