Time for Generation of Millennials Careful Regulating Money for Achieving the Finances

Time for Generation of Millennials Careful Regulating Money for Achieving the Finances

Commemorating National Education Day is often only focus on the discussion of the progress of education quality in Indonesia from the academic side only. In fact, education or financial education such as personal financial management becomes an important matter of note.

Unfortunately, the fact today many young people or millennials generation who are still financially blind alias not understand managing personal money well. In fact, not a few generations of millennials who tend to have high prestige or do not want to lose competitiveness with colleagues. asuransi pendidikan

The effect, they are easier to waste money and some are willing to owe for the sake of fulfilling lifestyle that is ngetrend, up to date, the present, like buying luxury goods, expensive smartphones, often hanging out at cafes, luxury holidays and so forth.

Indeed, financial management is very rarely taught in the academic education bench. Sometimes we have to be willing to learn alone in order to manage money well. It’s just that there are many temptations for generations of millennials to successfully manage their finances.

Following lifestyle changes is okay, but if it is not well controlled, it could potentially lead to financial chaos, such as being in big debt. Come on, it’s time to be a generous and smart millennials generation in managing finances this easy way.

1. Reduce High Lifestyle

There is nothing wrong if you meet the desire to shop but if only dikarenakn cover prestige or do not want rivaled, you should think again. Over-shopping and unsupported with smart financial management, you will lose money.

Tip: Eliminate negative attitudes or attributes that will hurt yourself and start prioritizing needs rather than wishes that will be much better done. Make comparisons before shopping so the money spent is not wasted. This will certainly provide a very good impact on financial conditions.

2. Avoid Consumptive Debt

Not a few young people today are willing to owe in order to meet lifestyle needs. Without thinking about the high interest and how to pay the bills, they immediately ventured into debt with the loan sharks with a lot.

And by doing such a thing would be difficult for him when paying bills, not to mention if not able to pay. It will lead to a debt that will continue to grow so that it ends in the sale of property to pay off the debt.

Tips: Should avoid owing for the sake of buying luxury goods that have a high price. It is good to be in debt to develop financially in order to increase the amount of money generated, such as doing business.

3. Credit Card Usage with Exactly

A credit card is a debt card which, if used, is refunded in the form of a monthly bill. Credit cards are also different from the debit which if done cash withdrawal will be charged a large interest from the amount of attraction money so that it will automatically swell on the amount of bills to be paid. Though credit cards can be a means of payment that serves to save expenses with the number of promos, discounts, rewards points when transacting.

Tips: In order for your financial condition is fine, then avoid using the wrong credit card can even lead to bankruptcy. For example, late paying bills, just pay for drink only, often do withdraw cash and so on. Start fox with credit card usage wisely.

4. Conscious Saving and Investment

“Saving it later if there is any money left” or “make what investment, mending money used alone for others”. Until now there are people who think like that. In fact, with savings and investment is very profitable.

Tips: Tubelah percent of the amount of income earned. With the savings can be used as an emergency fund that can be used at any time if needed. While the investment will certainly increase the amount of wealth in the future. Choose the types of investment products that are understood include gold, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and property. In order to avoid the investment bodong, as a beginner investor should ask first to colleagues or relatives who understand about investment.