Thus 4 Ways to Educate Girls Become Shalehah

Thus 4 Ways to Educate Girls Become Shalehah

1. Introduce Religion To Those
Religion, according to Wikipedia is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and worldviews that connect people with the order / order of life. Religion is closely associated with humans. By introducing your daughter as early as possible about religion is a provision that is very valuable.

Why is that, of course, many reasons that applied in Islam, one of them when a woman wants to be married by a man who was highly recommended by religion is a religion behold, after which a new property, descent, and her beauty.
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2. Grow Awareness of Children
Once your child has grown up, it’s time you introduce them to raise awareness about the obligations of a woman. One way is to teach akhak good attitude and being a woman, how to dress, and gave the sense that women are different from men.
3. Familiarize They have a certain Noble
Muslim girls can perform and be polite full of charm if he is able to cling to the teaching of manners and morals as taught by Islam. namely by imitating the personality of the Messenger of Allaah ‘alaihi respectfully, ummahatul the Faithful, or personal emulate the shahabiyah.

From the age of the child was a child taught by a routine that he used to be modeled on the adab-adab required as a Muslim woman. Teach girls about being civilized and teach them science. As always accustomed since childhood to be civilized to parents, neighbors, guests, and also used to be manners when eating or drinking, dressing manners, etiquette of asking for permission.
4. Teach Various Household Education
The last way is to teach your child to recognize various household skills. Arm them how to get along with her husband and how to take care of good housekeeping. This is because one day they will become wives of their husbands, so teach them about the various skills is essential. In addition you can give them the skills to sew, make crafts, and so forth. So that someday when they mature women can be useful.


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