This is the Prospect of Salary Amount and Cost Range of Lecture in Informatics Engineering

This is the Prospect of Salary Amount and Cost Range of Lecture in Informatics Engineering

The rapid development of the digital age over the past few years has become a proof that employment opportunities for informatics engineering graduates are wide open. Not only this time, this job opportunity will still be even wider in the future, considering almost all sectors are beginning to switch to digital-based technology. The more job opportunities in a particular field, the more worthy the department is to consider.

The same is also welcomed by the educational service providers themselves (campus), where more and more campuses have been providing these majors on their campuses. There are many campuses that can be used as an option, ranging from renowned campus to a fairly still have the usual achievements.

Although relatively relatively, but the quality of graduates of a campus will certainly be influenced by the quality of education that graduates are graduated in the place studied. It is important to become one of the compulsory considerations before finally choosing one campus for college, considering the competition in the world of work is also an important thing that can not be underestimated.

Job Prospects and Salary Range of Informatics Engineering Graduates

As with other majors, informatics techniques also have multiple job prospects in several different areas. This can be adjusted to the ability and also the most mastered skills during his college years in the majors of informatics engineering. The more skills mastered in this field, the wider the job prospects can be obtained.

Check out some job prospects and also the salary range that can be obtained by the graduates of the following informatics techniques:

1. System Analyst

Working directly in dealing with a system, a System Analyst is required to have a fairly complex ability in this one field. System Analyst will create a complete analysis for the company (client), ranging from define the needs of the system itself, to create the database and hardware needed to run it. Not only that, a System Analyst will also make the calculation of the budget needed for the execution of each project handled.

If you see the complexity of work that must be handled by a System Analist, it can be said that this position can hardly work alone. In practice, an Aystem Analyst will work with the programmer, where the programmer will apply the analysis program that has been compiled by System Analyst on various projects handled.

Although not the highest paid worker in the field of informatics engineering, but the income of a System Analyst is quite promising, which is about Rp 72 million per year or an average of Rp 6 million per month.

2. Junior Programmer

This one career is the choice of many graduates of computer informatics at the beginning of their graduation, considering the chances of work is fairly widely available. In general, Junior Programmer will be required by companies engaged in software or management (consultant) database.

There are many skills that a programmer must possess, such as: HTML / XML, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, Java programming languages, C ++ and Visual Basic. Although not mastering the whole, but a programmer must master at least certain skills required by the company where he worked. Early in his career, a Junior Programmer can earn a salary in the range of Rp60 million per year or an average of Rp 5 million per month.

3. Network Administrator

Having a duty to keep the system running safely and smoothly, a Network Administrator is also needed by many companies. The various disruptions that occur in the system will usually be handled by the Network Administrator, including a number of other work related to the system itself, such as: create email server, FTP server, DNS server, and others.

For all jobs like this, a Network Administrator can usually bring home a salary in the range of Rp60 million per year or an average of Rp 5 million per month.

4. Web / Graphic Designer

As the name implies, a Web Designer will be tasked to organize and design a web display. The development of digital in Indonesia that gave birth to many new sites throughout the year, became one of the excellent job opportunities for Web Designers. asuransi pendidikan

How much tuition is needed Informatics Engineering?

If you look at job opportunities and also the amount of salary promised by this one department, it is not surprising that the number of enthusiasts is also quite high. The amount of tuition fees applied by each campus will be very different, considering this is influenced by many things, such as: policies, facilities, educational quality, and others.

For the academic year 2017, a well-known university in the Jakarta area, apply the following tuition fees:

Entrance (donation) of Rp27.000.000, –
Tuition per semester Rp16.525.000, –
If it is assumed that an average of an informatics engineering student will graduate in 4 years, then the amount of tuition required is as follows:

Money coming in: = Rp 27.000.000, –
Semester money: Rp16,525,000 x 8 = Rp132,200,000, –
Total = Rp159.200.000, –

Prepare Well From Beginning

Prospects of engineering majors informatika still very promising, so naturally if the demand is getting higher and higher only. But the college tuition is also fairly high, so it needs to be well prepared from the beginning. Find and find the right campus, of course with reasonable cost and reliable quality of education.