This is the 2018 Trend of Traveling that Much Millenial Interest

This is the 2018 Trend of Traveling that Much Millenial Interest

From year to year, the trends that exist in society are constantly changing, not the exception of the millennium. Well, one of the trend of the millennials that changed in 2018 is the trend of traveling. asuransi pendidikan anak 

Reporting from, one of the major travel and travel services provider, Dwidayatour conducted digital research with the theme of traveling needs on 1,700 respondents millenial warganet. The result is quite unique, you know. Curious? Let’s take a look at the reviews.

1. Tourist destination is not just release fatigue

Millennials who are currently on average 18-35 years old do tours not just for refreshing alone. However, it is also to look for fresh ideas that they will apply to their work. From the results of the research, seven of 10 millenial traveler thought that the holiday needed not only for refreshing but also to stimulate fresh ideas.

2. Vacation is short but frequent

Quantity seems to take precedence over quality. The density of events and schedules of the millennium make the weekend a great time for a vacation. Rather than having to wait for a long vacation, do not be surprised why now the weekend ticket is always full.
3. Have an average budget spent

The millennial characteristics of Internet literacy make them faster to receive information. One of them holiday promo info. With more intesitas, and supported by promo hunting, the millennial generally spend an average budget of 2-10 million for a vacation to various islands in Indonesia or even abroad.
4. Hunting the middle of the hype

Prioritize the existence in social media, the millennium while going on vacation, of course, looking for landmarks or characteristics of tourist destinations. From the results of the survey, culinary, culture, and all the unique, antimainstream, exciting spots to immortalize and upload to social media into millenial hunts while on vacation.