This How To Select Vitamins for Children

This How To Select Vitamins for Children

Any parent always wants to give the best for their children. Meets the nutritional needs of children is one of them, including sufficient vitamins. Many vitamin products on the market. How to choose? So that children obtain maximum benefit, this should be considered when choosing vitamins for children.

Learn about the needs of children
Nutritional deficiencies can indeed inhibit the growth of the child, but an excess of certain nutrients, including vitamins and minerals can also impair the health of children. For example, excess vitamin C can cause nausea to abdominal cramps. While excess selenium can lead to hair loss. Well know the proper dosage for a child.

Are children in treatment
If a child is in the treatment period due to illness, make sure vitamin supplements consumed has no contraindications with medications that are being eaten.

Understand the package contents
Always read the first information content of the product in each package. Understand the content of what is contained in it. Know the differences of each size of dose as mg, mcg, ml, and so to avoid improper consumption. Also make sure it does not contain preservatives, colorings and artificial flavorings.

Liquid or tablet
For toddlers taking vitamins in liquid form tends to be safer than tablet form because it avoids the child from choking hazard. If vitamins shaped like candy, keep out of reach of children so that children do not eat any because of mistaken candy.

Note label
Understand the recommended dosage, expiration date, check the registration number in the Ministry of Health. Do not purchase if seal is broken and suspicious yes. Read also the correct storage instructions.

After all vitamin needs of children be better met in a natural way through the food he consumes. Inadequate nutritional needs through meat, fish, eggs, nuts, until the milk. Also make sure your child does not negligent eat vegetables and fruits in various ways. If the consumption of healthy food is correct, his nutritional needs also automatically fulfilled

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