This Excess Buy New Cars Than Used Cars

This Excess Buy New Cars Than Used Cars

For those of you who are in turmoil, better choose to buy a new car or used car, should not keep thinking about it. Because buying a new car is the right decision to take.

Of course to be able to decide to buy a new car, you definitely need to feel confident with the decision. Then you need to know the advantages what will be obtained from buying a new car than a used car.

Then, what is the advantage of buying a new car than a used car? Check out the following reviews:

1. Satisfied Will Car Quality Assurance

Whoever it is to have a new car of course it will be more fun. Because in something new it will affect a person psychologically to feel more happy and satisfied. This is because we know exactly the quality of the car, because it has never been used, so there is no car damage due to an incident. So, buying a new car certainly makes us more satisfied because of quality assurance. asuransi pendidikan

2. There is a Free Service Facility

When you buy a new car, it will get free service facility for several times service until a certain time limit. You can inquire directly about the free service provided to the dealer. This new car service usually consists of oil change and light engine service. Fortunately, is not it?

3. There is Warranty On New Cars

Another advantage of buying a new car is the existence of a warranty provided by the manufacturer. Surely this is very profitable for you because this guarantee consists of warranty machine, engine body warranty, parts warranty, and its free service.

4. Cheaper Insurance Premium

You need to know, that the premium for new car insurance is much cheaper than used cars or old cars. Because the possibility of damage to a new car is very small happened. To that end, the insurer dared to give a cheap premium.

1. Cheap But Not Guaranteed

Cheap. That’s what often tempts someone to buy a used car. With money that is not too big, then it can have a car. We all know that used cars do look more friendly in pockets.

But you also need to note that there is no guarantee with the quality. Because we also never know how the history of the use of the car before. If cheap, are you sure the quality of the car is guaranteed good?

2. Need Expensive Treatment Cost

Because a used car, then surely you are not the first person to use it. But there are others who first used the car, and you certainly never know how the car was treated. Is it maintained or serviced regularly? Had the car never had an accident? And there are many more possibilities that happen to the car.

Well, if it turns out the car usage is not as it should be or not cared for regularly, then it is not possible once the car fell in your hands, that’s when the car will have many problems. And again, it takes a lot of money to service a used car that is unkempt.

3. Insurance Premium More Expensive

The cost of insurance premiums for used cars will usually be much more expensive than new cars. For used cars have more risk because of the age of the engine, the use of cars, and others. Where it will take extra care, which means it costs a lot more. So the premium for used car insurance will also be more expensive.