The rules of financial multiplication

The rules of financial multiplication


The rules of financial multiplication are based on principles of wealth. As long as we don’t operate with these principles, we will not breakthrough financially. In the earlier chapter we have talked about principles to manage wealeh, and how to hold on to it so that we can multiply it and use part of it for our family our life and our cause.

In this capter, we will look at some basic rulses for multiplying wealth that are very important for us to teach our children. However, as stated before, teaching them alone is not enough, they must see us modeling it.

In fact, actively managing and multiplying our money should be ou most impotant business not our business or job it self. Our children should see us managing ou money and our investments as if they ae our first and most important business. Multiplication must be the key part of ou financial increase and the management of what we multiply. it is the offensive o the attack part our wealth management strategy. retaining our wealth is the defensive strategy is the main factor that allows us to retain what we have multiplied and increase. Playing a good combination of offense and defense is citicial to building our long term wealth.


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