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The Right Way to Scold Children

As a parent would have been angry not with your child? Whether it’s a child’s deliberate or unintentional mistakes, there are things that are common and make people angry with their children.

Anger against the child is a legitimate thing as long as it has the right purpose and the ways of anger are not excessive.

Not just anger that is prohibited to excessive, even overeating is prohibited, let alone form of emotion in self like anger.

Need a proper way to scold the child, for the purpose of anger that is done can be understood by the child well. Do not get angry in doing it is only emotional, without any element of a benefit in it.

Here are some of the right ways to scold a child who can be practiced at home, hopefully your anger is useful for children later.

Apply Firmly
Be assertive towards the child, but not necessarily strictly overly borderline, or lead to a violent blindness. It is important to apply this assertion, so that the consistency of the message behind the anger can be conveyed and kept awake.

By firmly speaking, it can also make the child think twice when trying to repeat his actions. But it is certainly not mean to frighten children, because you are the old man not the butcher’s butcher.

Pay attention to Emotions
Has been touched on the previous opening that eating alone should not be excessive, what more emotions in the self. Of course it is forbidden to overdo it.

If your emotions are overwhelming, it would be better if you angry when it was in the first undo. Once calm, then you can be angry with more focused.

If emotions are overwhelming, then the anger you are doing is just emotional that leads to violence alone, without an educative essence in it.

Show him the error
Often angry moms and dads now only focus on the emotions that are overflowing. As if the child becomes an easy target if doing wrong, instead of being a person who needs guidance and learning.

If you still use the old-fashioned way, it will only make children more brutal and consider you as the enemy. Try when you are angry, show me the location of the error. After you point out the mistake, do not then let it just like that.

Also give an explanation of the consequences that will be obtained if the child repeats his error tesebut. That way the child will be better understood, why he was in a rage.

Use Good Language
Parents only when given the tau by using language that is not good will not understand and potentially emotional behind. Moreover, children, who incidentally cognitive development conditions have not grown adults.


Use words that are kind and reminiscent, not patronizing. Avoid harsh words or bad splashes against your child. Because again, you are angry to guide the child, not angry with your nemesis.

Find Out The Cause
Before you spill any anger on your child, it would be better if you find out first why the child did things that make you angry.

Because it could be, he actually did not mean to make you angry, only that he actually wants to get / get attention from you.

Find out why your child is doing so. Could be good intention but the way it is less precise.

Know Consequences
Give him the consequences of what he has done. The point is to give understanding to the child about what the consequences caused by his actions. Is losing friends or harming others.

By telling the consequences, the child’s expectations will instropeksi himself until he can rethink if you want to do the same.

Teach Apologies
Apologizing for the mistakes made today is a very important lesson and is getting scarce. Though educating children to legowo apologize for the mistakes that are done is the right step in an effort to prepare candidates for the next generation who behave a knight.

One of these knight mentality is in the person who dare to apologize for any mistakes he has ever done.

Teach him to dare to apologize and confess all his mistakes. It is very useful also to foster a sense of responsibility in the child.

Do not be a hypocrite
This hypocrisy is no less done by many parents today. At one time the child was angry because caught smoking, but casually father smoking in front of children.

Scold the child for being found home rather late, but his parents just went to the discotheque for hepi-hepi, sunggu a very bad act is not it?

Here are some of the right ways to scold a child who can be practiced at home, hopefully your anger is useful for children later.

Give Light Punishment
Punish the child sometimes do need to do in order to detect the children’s mistakes in doing it. However, it should not be too late to punish. Give him a natural punishment that does not hurt the child’s mental and physical.

That way the essence of angry parents have an orientation on improving the attitude of the child, rather than oriented to spill the resentment of the child. This is the most important thing for every parent to come up with.

Avoid Violence
Whatever anger you are against a child, avoid violence against him. Be it physical or mental violence. This is for the good of the child itself, do not let the violence that you do actually impact on the traumatic children will experience later.

In addition, the violence that is done to the child, also affects the mental development of the child itself.

Do not exaggerate
Do not excessively anger to harm the child psychologically. Anger it is necessary that the essence of your prohibition or health has been conveyed to him. Thus the development of children will not be disturbed by violence by parents in excess.

After scolding the child immediately apologized to him. And let’s say that you actually do that just because you are very fond of him.

Some of the angry ways of the child may be only a small part of the way that can be followed, but although there is still a small part there is a goal that you really want to achieve. That is to educate children without using violence and does not have a bad impact in scolding a child.

Growing affection in the dressing with family education correctly, hopefully the child will be able to follow the ways that are more elegant in addressing the errors that exist.


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