The principles of the Sharia insurance

The principles of the Sharia insurance

There is a common question that is often posed lay society, mngapa we need insurance? In the present financial management, insurance becomes a consideration as one of the financial planning efforts as well as efforts eliminate, prevent, and even reduce the risks that may occur in the future.

Without intending precedes destiny, it can be intended sebgai insurance endeavor preparation as described by earlier suggestions .. Therefore, Islam also gave way so that the insurance can also be efforts for mutual help among the Muslim sesalama or even fellow humans.

All interests and benefits of the insurance will be more meaningful if the commitment to implement it according to sharia. Therefore, kta also need to know some reliability berasuansi sharia. Here are some of the reliability of sharia insurance.

The existence of the runway Tauhid
Takaful is run on the reliability of monotheism with the implementation of Islamic law according to the Al-Quran Sunnah dab along with Al-Hadith. Therefore, Islamic insurance carried out on the basis of devotion to Allah by His command menjadlaankan sert menjaugi prohibitions, especially in a business endeavor.

Takaful including ijtihad of the scholars belonging to the classical fiqh. Itjihad the scholars belonging to the classical fiqh. Ijtihad in their definitions can be mentioned as an endeavor and sincerely committed Mujtahids to reach a verdict Personality ‘(Islamic law) were excavated bersumberkan Al-Quran and Al-Hadith.

The presence of Justice
Islamic insurance is run by contract-agreement that upholds justice and of transportation so as not to harm any of the parties or in favor of one party. This concept is certainly soothe the parties to the agreement, especially those who membi mandate.

The existence of affection
Takaful is run on sdasar affection between fellow human beings in need, so that each participant of insurance and insurance fund managers alike intend danya for the purpose of helping. The main benefit of this concept is there any reward response from the pleasure of Allah over the treasures acquired.

Carry-‘s help
Takaful menadi opportunities to develop an attitude of helping each other so that each participant Takaful has the intention of some funds for the sake of helping others. This will further increase the ukhuwah Islamiyah and also the relationship between fellow human beings.

Being honest and trustworthy
Takaful business are required to be honest and responsible so as to gain the trust of Islamic insurance participants who entrust their funds to be managed, both in business investment as well as a fund for the benefit of mutual help. Thus will grow a healthy economic practices at the same time long-term strength.

Being Rida
Islamic insurance encourages the contentment of the participants as well as insurance and insurance managers to equally beriktiar on the right path. Thus, Takaful be a street riyadhah (training) to implement the contentment in many ways, especially in pengeolaan treasure.

Without Bribes (risywah)
Islamic insurance element denying graft and clean it with a contract-a contract that guaranteed syari’I. Whatever the shape of fees, gifts, gratuities, all belonging to the intention of the selfless giving can fall on riswyah forbidden.

Without Cheating (Tathfif)
Takaful with a variety of implementation-contract agreement in accordance with syari’I occlude fraudulent act for the managers of insurance or fraudulent way for the managers of insurance and insurance participants. Cheating sheer will invite the wrath of Allah, and it does not apply to Takaful is based on principles of transparency, honesty and fairness for all.

Without Gharar, Maisir and Riba
Takaful net of gharar, gambling and usury with the precautionary principle in its implementation. Both sides agree on the Islamic insurance based akadnya to eliminate the element of fraud / obscurity, gambling and also interest money.

Menguundang Takaful insurance participants and beneficiaries for insurance because Islam forbids the administrator of effort or anything that is not useful. Humans most well according to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is man’s most useful to other humans. All parties involved in the Takaful vying benefit to others.

Insurance syaiah opportunities which both parties agreed to serve each other in accordance with etiquette muamalah in Islam. Business insurance along with all employees are required provide the best service to the participants mengamanahkannya insurance part of the funds to be managed.


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