The Present Business in South Korea You Can Imitate in Indonesia

The Present Business in South Korea You Can Imitate in Indonesia

Business qibla can be from anywhere, even from country people though. Who says what trends in other countries can not be popular in your country too. In this technologically sophisticated era anything can happen, especially if you take the trend from South Korea. As you know the country where these idol Kpop origin is being much-loved by many people from all over the world, including Indonesia.

Knowing the Kpop trend that is booming, no one dong to you imitate the current business that is also happening in South Korea. South Korea itself is known for its creative type of business from the field of fashion to culinary.

Can be imitated to serve as a new business field, here’s a collection of businesses that are popular in South Korea for you to imitate in Indonesia:

1. Business Fusion Food

This culinary business is hip in South Korea along with the increasing business of cafe and street food in this ginseng country. So, in order to stand out among the sea of ​​culinary business that is there, created a strategy to create fusion food menu from various combinations of foods either from 2 types or more.

You can also apply this business, whether it’s a combination of Korean food with Indonesian food, or a combination of other country specialties to your taste, but remember you still have to adjust to the taste of the market. Do not let the wrong menu and even merchandise you desert buyers.

2. Artsy Jacket

Now we will discuss the contemporary business in the country of South Korea in the field of fashion. As a country with 4 seasons. Of course the need for a jacket is very high to keep warm in autumn and winter. But as one of the countries with high fashion value, jacket in South Korea is not just a jacket.

Jackets with lots of unique decoration either with urban style or with contemporary style widely used by young people in Korea, either in direct painting, embroidered or in screen printing. As long as you have a high creativity in drawing and a high interest in the fashion world you can anytime start this business, the sooner the better.

3. YOLO Trends

The number of Koreans who are reluctant to get married even dating, instead of being a concern instead of business fields for business people. YOLO or that means Your Only Live Once is a term for Korean people who are too independent and feel no need to rely on other people or their partner.

Based on this trend many culinary entrepreneurs who set up cafes or restaurants for the single status, there is also a wedding organizer that makes a special photo prewedding package for single women with wedding dress.

Who says it’s hard to apply in Indonesia? Indonesian people like many things that are unique and different, different concepts can certainly attract a lot of attention as long as you are smart to set up its marketing strategy.

4. Banana Milk

This Korean drink is much loved by the Kpopers. Drinks that often appear both on the variety shows or Korean dramas and social media famous Korean artists automatically become the attention of people especially the fans of South Korea. How? Business opportunities are quite interesting right?

If you can not produce it yourself, there is still another way to run a business selling this Korean specialty drink, that is by way of online. You can make a sale with pre-order system or service titip. Capital is cheap with a decent profit. asuransi pendidikan prudential

5. Ear Piercing Accessories and Uber Cute Tiny Rings

Ear piercing is the trend of the oldest and most popular accessories today, especially by the young South Koreans, following the trend of these accessories there is a ring type Uber Cute Tiny Rings, which is a thin ring that can simultaneously circle 3 or all the fingers with a unique and cute decoration , like cupcake, cat, rabbit and other funny characters.

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