The period after retirement

The period after retirement

This period is a time to enjoy the old days and enjoy the benefits of insurance in the form of savings or investments. This period is the period that became the main orientation of the participants of the insurance, not the right time for insurance.

Illustration foretime be a picture of impulse insurance, as has been explained that the need for insurance for a person very much influenced by the events that happened in his life. In general, the factors that affect a person's insurance needs can be explained in the following exposure.

Individual conditions

Individual conditions
Sex, between men and prempuan has a structure different organs, the impact, the organ has a different sensitivity in response to the signal, either from within the body or outside the body. This affects the different degree of sensitivity to certain types of diseases. For example, women are genetically more often sick than men. However, when seen from the life expectancy, women are on average longer than men her age. Therefore, the need for this type of insurance is also different.

Based sunatullah, increasing a person's age her condition even more vulnerable to disease, It was proven in a study of mortality (mortalia) a person who is associated with age. Therefore, it can dotarik pengamtan conclusions based on the number of people of various ages who observed every year shows that increasing a person's age, also increase the death rate.

Marital status
As we know that when a person has been fostering households, what is the burden of households no longer based on individual needs, but based on family considerations. As a result, the need berasuransinya also based on the needs of the family.

A doctor would have a different view with an engineer in terms of seeing her family's needs, whether it needs related to health, housing, education, including the need for finances. Certain professions also have a different perception of the risks faced when compared to other professions. Thus, berasuransinya needs are also different.