The need for residential fire insurance

The need for residential fire insurance


    The need for residential fire insurance becomes very important, especially when we have to stay home alone.

    Efforts to protect our property, including residential houses is highly recommended in Islam. This is one of the meanings of piety, that is our obligation, we iktiar improvement, in addition of course to our prayers, mirrors human person cautious.

    As an embodiment of this effort, the insurance to be one way. But, of course, should the Islamic Laws. This is because the insurance sharia, we not only anticipating the possibility of a risk to our homes, but also think about home living relatives and the entire Islamic insurance participants who took home fire insurance products stay. This is the spirit of mutual help always needs to be invested and it is not owned at all in the conventional insurance scheme that spirit is simply transfer risks to another party to the contract of sale.

    Motor vehicle insurance

    Along with the increasing need for transportation to support the activities of a person, vehicle ownership becomes an important factor. So does the need for protection, insurance can be one or in a way to minimize the financial losses are unpredictable and can happen to anyone and at any time, including vehicles.

    In general, the types of risks that can be insured by conventional insurance companies. However, there are things that distinguish conventional programs with Islamic Laws, among others on akadnya, limit its use, which in this case to the Islamic Laws vehicle usage to support activities related to illicit goods, the activity of immorality, pornography, porno-action for example be can not be insured.

    In contrast to conventional programs that only consider the level of risk that the insurance company can predict the risk profile, which ultimately profitability considerations alone matter.

    Again, the Islamic Laws wants more than just the profitability of material that is a blessing.

    In addition, the skim product of sharia, insurance companies still allow the return of surplus tabarru if the participants have never filed an insurance claim or if ever filed a claim, the amount of the loss did not reach certain agreed value.

    The concept of this type of return surplus tabarru is also found in the conventional program is called with no claim discount or a no claim bonus. However diprsyaratkan that the participants are entitled to a discount or a bonus it is the participants that extend motor vehicle insurance policy for the next period. On the other hand with the Islamic Laws, participants are not required to extend the insurance policy to distribute surplus tabarru refund.