The importance of the role of insurance and Every Aspect of Life

The importance of the role of insurance and Every Aspect of Life

“Insurance? Why should also take insurance? ”

Once the burst of sentences I mentioned the first time when my closest friends know that one year of work, have registered life insurance on one of the Indonesian insurance company. I was thinking of what to take out when the body is still healthy, strong and young. Plus as long as we can avoid all the causes of disease and following a healthy lifestyle, God willing, we can be healthy until old age. Lah, really inferior to those used to like my grandmother 87 years old but is still alive and healthy until now.

Asuransi Pendidikan

I think that because I was a mahasiwi who have not married and income. For me, the insurance is tantamount to spending money. Better to cultivate the money into a business or investment. That way the money can grow. Compare with the scheme insurance payments each month and have to wait for the risk (catastrophe) then the money or insurance premiums that have been paid to liquid.

One day I got information that Allianz, one of Indonesia’s largest insurance company, held a writing competition on insurance. I was challenged. What can I write about insurance when my negative views about insurance still has not changed.

Caused ‘commonness’ me about insurance, I was looking for information about insurance through sources on the internet. I also realized that insurance is important in our lives. Why? Because insurers have a major role and that are essential in every aspect of our lives.
In Indonesia, public awareness about insurance is growing but it is not accompanied by the purchase of insurance products. It was based on a survey conducted by Swiss Re, a reinsurance company based in Switzerland. Willem Hoesen, Vice President of Client Markets Medical Insurance Swiss Re, said 89 percent of the country is already aware of the importance of health insurance. However, only 17 percent of it is finally decided to buy a product tersebut.1

The irony is Indonesia’s population is actually able to buy insurance products. This was evidenced by the growing number of middle class society. World Bank said that 56.5 percent of the 237 million population of Indonesia has entered into the category of middle class (mid-class). This means that there are now 134 million people who have entered into this financial level. 2

The World Bank (World Bank) categorizes the middle class that they are able to spend up to USD 2 to USD 20 per day. The World Bank also said that the value of money spent by the Indonesian middle class is extraordinary. In 2010, total expenditure for the purchase of clothing and footwear amounted to Rp 113.4 trillion, household goods and services of Rp 194.4 trillion, both abroad Rp 59 trillion and Rp 238.6 triliun.3 transportation costs Outstanding , is not it?

From these data, we can see that the Indonesian people are very consumptive and conscious awareness of insurance but is contrary to the ‘reluctance’ they follow or register as a user of insurance. It can be caused by yet our government and insurance companies provide education or campaigning to the public about the benefits of insurance. Compare with the government of Singapore and Malaysia, already require insurance for each vehicle. Without insurance, the car in Malaysia and Singapore should not be driving. While in Indonesia there are no such rules itu.4

However, the ‘reluctance’ that society can be caused by the persistence of the negative views people like me who think that insurance is not important. Even spread bad news about customers who often pay a premium each month but when filing a claim, the customer rights are not met. Then there was the stigma that using means insurance against the will of God because this life and death, pain and disaster belongs to the Lord. Insurance is not a deterrent or repellent disaster but insurance is a protection lighten the burden of the disaster on the financial aspects.
Well, as the title of the above article, then let ulik insurance and its critical role in every aspect of life.

Quoted from the Book of the Law of Commercial Law (Commercial code Article 246), or insurance coverage is an agreement by which a binding to an insured, to receive a premium, to provide reimbursement to him for a loss, damage or loss of expected profit , which may be suffered as a result of uncertain events.

Understanding can be translated into:
1. The insured, a customer transferring risk (calamity) it receives to the insurer.
2. The insurer is the insurance companies that underwrite and replace losses from the customer.
3. Premiums are fees paid by customers to the insurance company.
4. The terms of the insurance agreement and the rights and obligations of both sides written in the policy.

In other words, insurance risk is a road diversion (disaster) would befall us because these risks can not be predicted arrival in life. Risks in life may be death, critical illness, loss of a car, a house on fire and so forth. Such risk could destroy the financial side of the family especially if we did not have insurance when a disaster coming. Insurance is required as a function of protection to cover all the risks that befall us, or that will be experienced by family members later.

Is it mandatory to have insurance? It can be answered with the illustrations as follows:

Still remember the incident plane Malaysia MH370? Just imagine if you are among one of the victims of the missing passengers and you do not have insurance, how the continuation of life wife, children and parents are still your dependents? Do you have to sell assets such as cars and new homes can earn money and get on with life?

Or do not have far to fall victim to MH370, as we know that the risk or accident can not be predicted arrival. Suppose that you have a healthy life, eat-nutritious food, exercise every day, but suddenly you are diagnosed with early-stage cancer whose symptoms did not seem, are you ready to face the cost of hospital and other treatment for generous? Do you have the heart owe here and there and leaving the debt on your beloved family? How is the continuation of your child’s education in the future?
Suppose you already have insurance, such as life insurance, then the insurance can be used to make a claim to the insurance company. Money claims (insured) can be used to continue living for families left behind so grief lost the head of the family should not be accompanied by financial grief.

Small illustration above could describe the importance of insurance on aspects of our lives. Below I will discuss more in depth the important role insurance:

a. Health Insurance

‘Healthy is expensive.’ We’ve often heard the phrase. We really understand it but do not follow a healthy lifestyle. Entering the age of sophisticated technology and almost instantaneous modern lifestyle we are also chimed in an instant. Feel busy with work at the office or busy college, we even forget to eat on time and eat nutritious foods until finally must choose instant food or junk food. Especially if it is not followed by exercising every day. Then you got the unfortunate accidents that require intensive care or a sudden you are diagnosed with a critical illness, such as stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, cancer and others. Treatment for a variety of critical illness is not cheap, especially if the treatment is done in Indonesia. Why? According to one academic Faculty of Medicine, Trisasi Lestari said that more than 90 percent of medical equipment in Indonesia still imports or technology held by companies abroad. As a tool for the detection of glucose levels in diabetics up to the lab for blood tests in many hospitals, even the needles are still imported. 5

Imagine this kind of illustration, suppose a patient suffering from cancer, for early diagnosis required cost Rp. 10 million. If the operation if it should take action, it would cost at least Rp. 25 to Rp. 30 million. Then, the patient must undergo radiation and chemotherapy that costs Rp. 3 up to Rp. 6 million. How much money spent on treatment from beginning to end? If the patient does not have health insurance, he may have to sell assets such as car, home, or should the debt with another family. It was obviously very uncomfortable. Health insurance have the huge benefit for us. Such benefits include insurance companies bear the cost of critical care, covering at least 50% of outpatient or inpatient, finance laboratory tests, doctor’s fees, cost of medicines and many more maanfat obtained health insurance. With health insurance, we can protect a family from financial problems when we need to get health care.

b. Life insurance

When asked for what is your work? Course work to support his beloved family dependents are a wife, children, parents. So if you’ve been thinking the worst risk if one day you can no longer work due to death or life of you who are not productive to work again, how the continuation of the lives of those you have incurred?

Did you know, based on the latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 60 percent of all deaths, or about 7.2 million people died of coronary heart disease and heart attack mendadak.6 If this happens to you if you have enough savings to be abandoned ? Very painful to let them experience financial difficulties in the future when you will no longer be the backbone of the family. Buying life insurance is an expense and the best financial planning for the sustainability of the lives of those you love. When the unfortunate instance death, disabled so it can not work or old age, life insurance still provide benefits. The benefits of ensuring that your family has enough funds to continue living, ensure the completion of the debt held during his lifetime, and children could continue their education.

Do not think that life insurance is required only for those who are married. For a young child was single and working, life insurance is an indispensable product, especially for those who still have the responsibility to help the economy a parent or a loved one, for example, to support the cost of their school, relatives or siblings.

c. property insurance

Data from Jakarta Fire and Disaster Management Jakarta, since January – December 11, 2013 1,475 fires have occurred. This number has increased remarkable in comparison compared to the year 2012 only 993 fires. The number of victims reached 8534 households (families) or 34 291 people. Death toll at 69 killed and 171 wounded. Meanwhile, the cause of the fire is still dominated by short circuit of electricity as much as 699 events. 7

From the above data we can conclude that not only the life and health that need to be insured, but the property such as houses, shophouses, apartments also must be insured. The property is a valuable asset. When we’ve bought a house suddenly comes unexpectedly disasters such as earthquakes, floods or fires, inevitably we have to spend no small cost to fix it again. Had such property owned shop that became a source of income suffered a fire, how you should save or indemnify goods and valuable documents that have been burned to the ground? Then, if you still relax while Indonesia has been established by the United Nations (UN) as the most disaster-prone countries?

Property insurance has a function to mencover risk of natural disasters, fires, riots, robbery, and others. In addition, insurers also provide temporary accommodation that accompanies when disasters such as a fire or earthquake. It would be useless to our hard work in the house installments if we neglect to insure.

d. vehicle insurance

Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo) reported total sales of cars in the national market in 2013 reached 1,229,903 units. The figure exceeded the previous year’s sales of 1.1 million unit.8

While Data Operation Ketupat 2014 police recorded the number of traffic accidents in the homecoming and backflow Lebaran 2014 to reach 3,057 kasus.9 We can see that the risk of the vehicle also has an enormous effect as health, life and property. Cars including high-priced luxury goods are prone to the threat of crime and accidents. In the event of accidental damage limited, to be sure repairs are very expensive.

Insurance provides protection so that we are free from fear and the burden of mind because of the cost. If you happen to lose, you do not need to worry because it already has insurance that will help you. In addition, insurers also cover risks other than the theft of an accident that was preceded by violence, fires, collisions, overturned, fallen and so forth. Insurance is recommended for those who have a mortgage or car loan in stages so insurance provides protection until the payment is completed.

e. travel insurance

Allianz travel market recorded growth of Indonesia during 2008-2012 amounted to 8.5 percent by the number of traveler reached 7.6 million people. Of these, Indonesia is still minimal traveler who follows the travel insurance or travel insurance.
Head of Travel Personal Accident and Health Insurance Allianz Utama Indonesia, Solihah Mariani explains, from a total of 7.6 million people a traveler, only 5 percent who register themselves on insurance perjalanan.10

Traveling has become a necessity for people who are hungry for vacation and looking for fun. But, we always assume that our journey was fine and be sure there are no obstacles during the journey. Risks in the trip may occur, for example suddenly ill and had to be hospitalized, natural disasters such as snowstorms if traveling to European countries, lost luggage, accidents and there are still many risks encountered on the way. With travel insurance, you can enjoy a holiday in comfort without having overwhelmed. Various benefits derived from travel insurance depends on the type of protection that selected them, namely:

– Accidents
Amount of money paid out for death, loss of limbs due to accidents suffered on the way
– Baggage, including delays, loss, or damage
– Hospitalization for at travel locations
– Cost of drugs
– Replacement of the return ticket
– Lost documents for taxable pickpocket

Actually there are many important roles in every aspect of life insurance. On exposure to the above, we can assess that have insurance can not be delayed any longer. Do not wait for disaster risk or come then we are busy applying to the insurance company. Should provide preparation before coming risk. By doing so we are ready to face these risks. Of the many insurance, maybe we confused to choose the right insurance for us. Must first recognize what we need. For single and not married can buy a health insurance policy and soul, while those who already have a business bekerluarga and that forced him to travel abroad, all the insurance can be used as long as it fits with the financial capabilities possessed.

Not only that, we also have to be smart to choose an insurance company whose number spelled out quite a lot in Indonesia. Each insurance company has different policies from each other in terms of risk management. Choose the insurance company that is clearly listed in the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and conducted by the marketer who is licensed or certified by the AAJI (Life Insurance Association of Indonesia) and AAUI (General Insurance Association of Indonesia). Learn all the benefits of the products purchased and claim procedures with clear, so easy to get pengajuan.11

Insurance is like an umbrella that will be required when the lead role umbrellas when the rain came. Insurance is required as financial protection when risk or calamity come upon us. Pun insurance can not be underestimated because it has an important role in every aspect of our lives. Begin now to set aside income to buy an insurance policy for the future of our lives and loved ones. I too will start when the insurance plan is already working later. As the saying goes that ‘an umbrella before the rain,’ then ‘provide risk insurance before coming.’